Talented Learning 2023 LMS and Learning Systems Market Report


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Looking for reliable intelligence to guide your decisions about today’s commercial LMS and learning systems landscape? Then you don’t want to miss the new Talented Learning 2023 Commercial LMS and Learning Systems Report.

This fiercely independent analysis of today’s commercial learning solutions helps buyers and sellers cut through vendor marketing hype with an extensive evaluation of all 40 Talented Learning 2022 Learning Systems Awards winners, along with an in-depth analysis of prevailing market trends.

Packed with valuable insights, this timely report compares top learning solutions by target market, use case, key differentiators and demographics, as well as functional and technical capabilities, services and license structure. This definitive resource includes:

  • Detailed statistics and commentary focused on 45+ key commercial learning systems trends
  • Our exclusive RightFit Solution Grid™ industry map that visually positions the top 40 vendors according to their capabilities and essential buyer characteristics
  • Data-based analysis of 5 critical commercial learning use cases: employees, channel/partners, customers, extended enterprise and content-as-a-business
  • 100+ graphs, charts and tables that illustrate relevant data points
  • 40 2-page vendor snapshot profiles, specifying core capabilities for each solution
  • Helpful LMS pricing and license structure insights and guidance

Who Should Buy This Report?

The 2023 Commerical LMS and Learning System Market Report was designed to meet the needs of the following audiences:

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Charts, Graphs and Lists Galore

The Talented Learning 2023 Commercial LMS and Learning System Market Report is loaded with over hundred graphs, charts, lists and comparisons.

Talented Learning 2023 Commercial LMS Market Report

Why Buy This Report?

With more than 1,000 learning systems available, how do you know which vendors deserve your attention? It’s not practical to consider them all. So, where do you start and stop?

Our 2023 Commercial LMS and Learning Systems Market Report gives buyers and sellers the insight and confidence needed to make better technology decisions. With this independent macro-view of the learning systems market and comparative solution-specific information you will:

  • Save time identifying a shortlist of solutions that meet your needs

  • Cut through marketing fluff to identify vendor-specific strengths

  • Understand the five primary commercial learning system use cases

  • Recognize key functional and technical trends that are shaping the learning systems space

  • Avoid the pain, shame and blame of selecting the wrong solution!

Introducing the RightFit Solution Grid

The 40 commercial learning systems are mapped on our proprietary RightFit Solution Grid which maps the solutions based on both vendor and buyer characteristics. This allows buyers to self-identify with buying personas and identify the vendor solutions that are the closest matching. This shortens the time needed to identify qualified vendor options to evaluate more seriously.  The below video will introduce you to the RightFit Solution Grid:

Download 2023 Commercial RightFit Grid

Solution Snapshot Profiles

Our proprietary Solution Snapshot profiles are jammed-packed, useful, two-page profiles of each of the 40 vendors covered in the report.  Snapshots highlight demographics, target market, features, services, support, integrations, global capability and much more! Download a sample to review.

Download Sample Snapshot Snapshot

About the Author: John Leh

John Leh CEO Lead Analyst Talented Learning

John Leh is CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning and the Talented Learning Center. John is a fiercely independent consultant, blogger, podcaster, speaker and educator who helps organizations select and implement learning technology strategies, primarily for extended enterprise applications.

His advice is based upon more than 25 years of learning tech industry experience, serving as a trusted LMS selection and sales adviser to hundreds of learning organizations with a total technology spend of more than $100 million and growing.

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What Others Say About John Leh’s Advice

Check out what John’s clients and industry colleagues say about his advice and knowledge of the LMS landscape.

We are very glad we hired John as our LMS selection consultant. Initially, we had identified a learning system solution that we were considering licensing. To assess the solution for fit, we hired John to do an independent gap analysis. After defining our requirements, John found that although the solution “could” work for us, there were better, more cost-effective direct matches in the industry.

We were under time constraints and we worked with John to conduct a fast-paced RFP and use case demonstration process to select a new partner. We ended up choosing one of John’s recommendation and signed a contract a week ahead of schedule. There are so many potential solutions out there and John’s knowledge and expertise ensured we stayed on schedule, focused our search on a narrowed-down group of candidates, and selected a solution that met our needs.

I highly recommend John for any organization that wants expert help and guidance in selecting learning technologies. He makes the process easy, digestible, and efficient!

I have had the privilege of knowing John for many years now. And, over the course of those years, I have referred many of my association clients who were seeking agnostic and expert level knowledge on Learning Management Systems (LMS) in the market. He is terrific resource. I specifically admire his valuable content, dedication to the process, and continued commitment to help others procure the best LMS fit.

One doesn’t have to know John long before realizing that he has a great knack and tact on how to educate executives on the processes that are important and the learning technology required to meet their mission. For those reasons, along with his integrity, I recommend him to any organization (nonprofit, association, or software vendor) that needs help defining and mapping out their learning (LMS) technology strategy. He is worth every dollar and more!

I approached John to help provide direction and focus for where to start our search for the right LMS solution! With so many options on the market, it’s hard to know where to get started!! John looked over our business requirements and made some great suggestions and ultimately pointed us in the right direction!! A wonderful, kindhearted and knowledgeable person…thank you John!

Bev MitelmanBev Mitelman, Director of Learning

John knows his stuff. His provides top-notch information for anyone looking to gear-up with a LMS. His deep knowledge and experience in the industry is evident in the way he’s able to provide crisp and concise feedback. Here on out, he’ll be my go to guy for all things LMS. Save yourself time, money, and headache – give John a shout if you’re in the market to consider LMS.

My organization recently acquired a learning management system and John’s expertise was invaluable throughout the process. He spent considerable time with the internal team interviewing stakeholders to understand our business model, strategic goals and timeline. Utilizing that information and his extensive knowledge in the LMS space, he compiled a shortlist of optimal LMS providers to engage in a RFP.

John managed the RFP process from start to finish, including writing the document with input from the internal team, scheduling demos, and coordinating with the finalists and fielding their questions.

We were working under tight deadlines and John kept everything running smoothly and steered us in the right direction when we needed professional guidance. He was with us every step of the way! We are currently going through implementation and are very satisfied with our decision. John helped us identify not only the best LMS for our needs, but also because of the time he took to understand and articulate our business goals through the RFP process, we also have a strong business partner in our LMS vendor.

I highly recommend John to anyone who needs help navigating the LMS landscape!

Beth Guerra GunzelBeth Guerra Gunzel , Chief HR Officer

John has become my go-to expert on learning management systems. He knows the landscape better than anyone and is a delight to work with. Professional, passionate, and an excellent communicator. I’ve referred him to two of my clients thus far and both have followed up with me saying how appreciative they were for the introductions. I cannot recommend John and his Talented Learning group enough.

Our company hired John/Talented Learning to help us find a learning marketplace and delivery technology. John saved us a tremendous amount of time in refining our requirements, developing the formal proposal and selecting the right vendors to participate in the selection process. John was able to identify a provider not on our radar previously but ended up being a perfect match.

At the end of the day, John helped us deliver a better project for less time and money.

John was a great partner in our LMS and content partner selection process. Right from the start, John adapted to our unique needs and worked alongside our team providing guidance, process and advice at every stage of the process. John systematically helped us define and consolidate the diverse requirements of our stakeholder groups, recommended qualified vendor solutions and then led us through a professional evaluation and selection process. I’d recommend working with John for any organization looking to buy and deploy enterprise learning technology.

John Leh is the consummate professional with an unmatched knowledge of Learning Management Systems that is both wide and deep. His ability to work with a variety of professionals and personalities is a significant strength. John communicates openly and honestly with all team members and quickly puts people at ease in a group setting. John completes tasks on time for his clients and includes a level of detail necessary to make an informed decision.

I would not hesitate to engage John’s assistance in the future or recommend his services to future clients. Thank you, John, for your knowledge, expertise, honesty, and strong work ethic. It was a pleasure to work along side you!

Leigha JansenLeigha Jansen, Ed.D., CPACC, Director Educational Technology

John’s knowledge and strategic insight into the corporate training market is very difficult to find. His passion for the industry is infectious. John was a dream to work with and he felt more like a member of the team than a consultant. He genuinely cared about our success and even helped us find our first few clients. I can’t speak highly enough of John’s work and would highly recommend his services.

I heard Connie Malamed interview John on the eLearning Coach Podcast and reached out to John for advice on our ongoing LMS selection process. John asked about and listened to our challenges, current status and goals and provided practical and sound advice to get us to a decision point for our new LMS. It’s a huge weight off our shoulders to make the choice and have a solid justification. Thank you John!

We worked with John when looking for someone with LMS experience to complete an audit on the client services areas of our site. John’s review was thorough and full of insights we’ve referenced as we’ve upgrade our systems. I’ve followed John’s LMS thought leadership on online since then. Great to work with.

Greg GierschGreg Giersch, SVP Client Experience

We worked with John Leh to find a new Learning Management System for a medical specialty society. I highly recommend partnering with John to help navigate all the complexities of identifying the best solution. John expertly guided all the various stakeholders in documenting the salient requirements and identified four vendors who were exquisitely positioned to meet our requirements.

John brought the best research and advice to our vendor search. With his help we pre-qualified several excellent prospects and found our match right on time. I am so glad we engaged him!

Partial Table of Contents

If you’re buying or selling an LMS or other learning system, this commercial LMS and learning systems market report can help you understand the market, identify target vendors and reduce the time, cost and risk of selecting an new solution. The report includes 3 primary sections:

Section 1. Trends and Analysis – Detailed statistics and informed commentary about 47 commercial learning systems trends.

Market Overview

  • State of Commercial Learning Systems
  • Most Popular Types of Learning Systems
  • Top 20 All-Purpose Learning Systems
  • Top 20 Specialist Learning Systems
  • Most Competitive Learning Systems
  • Top Differentiators

LMS and Learning Systems Buyer Demographics

  • Most Targeted Use Cases
  • Point of Purchase
  • Critical Buying Criteria
  • Buyer Business Drivers
  • Industry Focus
  • Geographic Focus

LMS and Learning Systems Vendor Trends

  • Location
  • Vendor Age
  • Annual Revenue
  • # of Employees
  • Public vs. Private Companies
  • Critical Feature Sets

Learning Systems Functionality Trends

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Assessment and Test Management
  • Compliance
  • Content Creation and Authoring
  • Content Types and Standards
  • Continuing Education (CE) Management
  • eCommerce
  • Gamification
  • Globalization
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Learning
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Skills and Competencies
  • Social and Informal Learning
  • VILT and ILT

Technical, Deployment and Integration Trends

  • Deployment Models
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Accessibility
  • API Integration
  • No-Code Integrations

Services and Support

  • Implementation Services
  • Administrative Support
  • End-Learner Support
  • User Groups

License and Cost

  • Public Pricing
  • Free Trials
  • LMS License Models
  • Estimated License Fees
  • Implementation Pricing

Section 2. Use Cases – Data-based analysis of the top 5 commercial learning use cases.

Employee Learning

  • What is an Employee Learning System?
  • Employee LMS Uses
  • Employee LMS Business Case.
  • Top 10 Employee LMS Features
  • Employee LMS Case Studies
  • Best Employee LMS Vendors

Channel and Partner Learning

  • What is a Channel Learning System?
  • Channel LMS Uses
  • Channel LMS Business Case
  • Top 10 Channel LMS Features
  • Channel Learning Case Studies
  • Best Channel LMS Vendors

Customer Learning

  • What is a Customer Learning System?
  • Customer LMS Uses
  • Customer LMS Business Case
  • Top Customer LMS Features
  • Best Customer LMS Vendors
  • Customer LMS Case Studies

Extended Enterprise Learning

  • What Is Extended Enterprise Learning?
  • Extended Enterprise LMS Uses
  • Extended Enterprise LMS Business Case
  • Top Extended Enterprise LMS Features
  • Best Extended Enterprise LMS Vendors
  • Extended Enterprise LMS Case Studies


  • What Is a Content-as-a-Business Learning System?
  • Content-as-a-Business LMS Uses
  • Content-as-a-Business LMS Business Case
  • Top Content-as-a-Business LMS Features
  • Content-as-a-Business LMS Case Studies
  • Best Content-as-a-Business Vendors

Section 3. Snapshot Profiles

Learn about the forty 2-page Snapshot Profiles in the brand new Talented Learning 2023 Commercial Learning Systems Market Report:

Download Your Copy Now — $1499

If you are an LMS buyer, seller, investor or practitioner, this report is for you!

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