Here’s What Others Say About Talented Learning

What do clients and colleagues say about our lead analyst, John Leh, and the value of guidance they receive from Talented Learning?

Our Favorite Endorsements

Melissa Scrimo
President and Founder
Applied Intelligence Consulting

If you’re looking to implement an LMS, I highly recommend John. He can save you time, frustration and money.

When one of my clients (a provider of continuing legal education) had very specific need for a learning management system. I did some preliminary research, but was completely overwhelmed by the tools and vendors available. I connected with John through LinkedIn and my client hired Talented Learning to help with the LMS analysis and requirements.

I was very impressed with John’s breadth and depth of knowledge. In addition, I liked that he had compiled his own database of various LMS features and functions. He really understands the products and the market. John analyzed many potential vendors for my client, identified the top 4 or 5, and then contacted these vendors on the client’s behalf.


Karl Kapp
Gamification and Instructional Design Consultant and eLearning Professor
Bloomsburg University

I’ve known John for over a decade and have the utmost respect for his knowledge and understanding of the elearning and LMS space. He understands the convergence of technology and business and has helped me navigate several LMS purchases and implementations. I could not more strongly recommend John for LMS selection or RFP creation. He knows his stuff!


Jim Everidge

Our firm helps the world’s largest organizations with learning technology strategy and implementation. A long-term client of ours with multiple major brands and more than a million global employees required a 3rd-party analysis of their LMS ecosystem. Impressed by the learning tech insights at, we hired John.

In just a few weeks he dissected complex layers of information and provided our customer with an impactful, well-received written analysis of their key requirements, competitive market analysis and tangible recommendations. I look forward to doing business with John again.


Orla Mester, PMP, CSP
Vice President, Operations
Forte Research Systems

I was introduced to John through the Talented Learning webinar series. I knew in the first five minutes of the first webinar that we needed his guidance for a new LMS product we were planning to launch.

John’s knowledge and strategic insight into the corporate training market is very difficult to find. His passion for the industry is infectious. John was a dream to work with and he felt more like a member of the team than a consultant. He genuinely cared about our success and even helped us find our first few clients. I highly recommend his services.


Jay Gundotra

I was researching the LMS market and thought I had to spend $75,000 to get going. The sheer number of LMS’s is overwhelming. I talked to John and he asked about my requirements and really listened. He recommend 3 systems that met my needs for under $10,000 a year! If you are shopping for an LMS, you need to talk to John! He clearly knows this space and is an awesome resource.


Ryan Richards
Academic Director of Online Learning
Council on International Educational Exchange

John has become my go-to expert on learning management systems. He knows the landscape better than anyone and is a delight to work with. Professional, passionate, and an excellent communicator. I’ve referred him to two of my clients and both have followed up with me to say how much they appreciate the introduction. I cannot recommend John and Talented Learning enough.


James Eagen
Director, Global Professional Certification Administration
The Institute of Internal Auditors

We used John’s LMS selection services to help us define our complex, global LMS requirements, short-list viable vendor options and lead us through a formal vendor selection process. John is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of learning technology, continuing education management and the viable vendor options. He managed the vendors and provided all the tools, templates and analysis to make it easy, scientific and defensible.

I recommend John to any organization that has serious learning management needs and requires assistance finding the right partner from a field of confusing choices.


Bert Vercamer
General Manager, Itero
AFS Intercultural Programs

When negotiations with one LMS vendor fell through, we got in touch with John. He listened to our needs (and more importantly: asked the right questions) and he recommended a few LMSs that might be a fit. He was spot on, and 6 weeks later we signed with one of them. John saved us a lot of time and found an LMS we would never have selected by doing our own search and benchmarking.


Dan Pahos
Franchise Owner
Home Instead Senior Care

Needing some guidance on a new elearning project, I Googled “top 10 elearning experts” and up popped John’s name. I emailed him, and he responded that day. His insights and expertise were just what I needed to point me in the right direction. His willingness to spend 30 minutes on the phone with someone unknown to him speaks volumes of his passion and expertise as a leader in his industry. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and John certainly saved me a lot of time and effort with his first impression that I won’t soon forget.


Greg Giersch
VP Client Experience/Director of Content
The Center for Sales Strategy

We worked with John when looking for someone with LMS experience to complete an audit on the client services areas of our site. John’s review was thorough and full of insights we’ve referenced as we’ve upgraded our systems. I’ve followed John’s LMS thought leadership on online since then. Great to work with.


Leigha Jansen, Ed. D.
Director, Educational Technology
Allied Health Media

John Leh is the consummate professional, with an unmatched knowledge of learning management systems that is both wide and deep. His ability to work with a variety of professionals and personalities is a significant strength. John communicates openly and honestly with all team members and quickly puts people at ease in a group setting.

He completes tasks on time for his clients, and includes a level of detail necessary to make an informed decision. I would not hesitate to engage John’s assistance in the future or recommend his services to future clients. Thank you, John, for your knowledge, expertise, honesty, and strong work ethic. It was a pleasure to work along side you!


Katherine OMalley
Director Online Learning Management
The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research

John brought the best research and advice to our vendor search. With his help we pre-qualified several excellent prospects and found our match right on time. I am so glad we engaged him!


Janine Whitling
Instructional Designer
Inspire Elearning

I’m often asked about LMS choices, and frankly there are hundreds out there, making the job of sorting through them quite a time consuming task, and probably way too much time than you have on your hands. John Leh can help you refine your needs and point you in a clearer direction. Check out his article about defining LMS requirements.


Vinay Nilakantan
Product Management Executive

I had the pleasure of working with John since 2007, while implementing some of the most complex LMS solutions for corporate America. John helped our clients navigate through some truly elaborate business processes, and he had an uncanny way of cutting straight to the core of the issue. This was obviously immensely popular with organizations that had a large group of stakeholders and where a lack of focus was the primary barrier to implementation.

I have seen John break down walls for some of the largest corporations, some of the most influential associations in the world and some smaller, boutique niche organizations that wanted to use training/learning as an additional stream of revenue. His extensive experience in engaging executives while still focusing on the operational side of LMS implementations really makes him an asset for any learning technology selection and implementation team.


Paul Somerville
Independent Consultant
(Former President, CEO and CLO, Meridian)

I worked with John while I was the President and CEO of Meridian Knowledge Solutions, and following the company’s acquisition while I served as the Chief Learning Officer. John is adept at fully understanding an organization’s stated and implied requirements and designing solutions to ensure the organization’s success. Few people have his experience working with hundreds of large organizations to evaluate learning technology requirements and designing enterprise solutions.

Unlike many industry “experts,” John’s experience comes hard-earned actually working with clients, project teams and product developers throughout the lifecycle of LMS design, product development, vendor selection, integration, implementation and continuous improvement. He is a great asset for any organization looking to optimize, enhance, or select learning technologies.


Beth McCluskey
Implementation Director

I was fortunate to work with John at Meridian. John is an expert at consultative selling – I could count on him to go the extra mile to truly understand clients’ business and technical requirements, and develop workable solutions suited to their unique challenges.

John brought significant learning and learning technology knowledge, expertise, and bona fides to each client engagement. Additionally, John’s engaging style and sense of humor always made our team’s work enjoyable! I highly recommend him to any organization looking for expert advice on enterprise and extended enterprise learning technologies.


Tom Bronikowski
Vice President
Xerox Learning Services

I had the pleasure of leveraging John’s knowledge while I was a Director at Expertus. John is a top analyst in the learning space because he has a great ability to take complex technology and show the relevant business impact. When combined with great knowledge over some 700 LMS platforms available, companies can get real gains like reducing operating costs or generating revenue. He is a true professional, and anyone considering learning technology would benefit from his knowledge.


Tracie Scott
Training, Coaching, and Project Management Professional
Best Buddies International

John is a consummate professional — one with whom I’d eagerly work again, and strongly endorse to others. We worked both directly and indirectly together at Meridian Knowledge Solutions, when he was National Sales Manager and I was Product Training Manager.

John was a true team player, working diligently to understand his customers, identify the learning solutions they needed, and deliver those solutions. His background in instructional design and experience in the LMS sector made him a unique and valuable asset to the sales team. He used his vast experience and customer knowledge in making recommendations to continuously improve the product. I was impressed by John’s willingness to dive into the system and learn it inside-out, so he could speak to its capabilities directly and confidently recommend the best solutions. I often worked with new clients whom John had brought onboard. Their adoration and high regard for him was unmistakable.


Bill Perry
Managing Partner
MARCH 24 Media

For nearly a decade, I worked for John and alongside him, and I’ve seen him distill and solve training and business challenges with painstaking attention to his craft. John is a quick study who empathizes with the people he’s helping — a rare breed. He’s equally good at listening to a client or making a foolproof recommendation. And he has negotiated deals with the world’s largest organizations.

John is particularly good at consulting with clients because he knows how learning technology works. He understands the mechanics. And his background in instructional design makes him adept at seeing learning technology from a learner’s point of view. It’s a plus that John understands how to market and publicize learning technology. As someone who managed PR and marketing programs for an LMS maker, he sees the story behind the software.


Rob Snyder
Web Developer
Search Associates

We were looking for a new solution to consolidate our hospital’s multiple learning management systems, and we had an extremely challenging set of business, technical and functional requirements.

John strategically led the SumTotal sales team though a grueling RFP process and did a fantastic job learning our requirements, crafting a solution and aligning the different stakeholder groups. If you have a sophisticated learning technology initiative on the horizon, I’d contact John.


Ken Valla
Vice President Business Development
Wilson Learning Corporation

John is an outstanding consultant. He blends considerable expertise in technology and learning along with high business acumen. Couple this with a great sense of humor and he is one of my favorite people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.


Jonathan Jones
Managing Partner
PinPoint Strategies

I worked with John at both AT&T and US WEST on designing and developing series of progressive elearning curricula to teach call centers and channel partners about how to sell our products and services.

John has a talent for understanding business needs and how that translates to technology solutions. He was able to quickly understand our functional and technical requirements and translate that into years of engaging, impactful elearning solutions. For any organization looking to take learning technology to the next level, I’d recommend John every time.



Still not convinced?  You can view even more of John Leh’s endorsements on his LinkedIn profile.

Or, if you have a learning technology question you’d like to discuss with John, contact us anytime to schedule a preliminary consultation!




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