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Are you buying a new learning system? Do you want to save time, money, effort and risk? You’re in the right place. With our learning system selection services, you’ll have one of the world’s most experienced LMS buying consultants guiding you through every step of the LMS selection process.

Our Founder and Lead Analyst, John Leh, provides the deep insight and trusted guidance that serious LMS buyers deserve. John’s 25 years of front-line LMS buying, selling and selection consulting experience is unparalleled in the industry.

Every day, John helps organizations select and purchase the best learning systems for their unique needs. That’s why he founded this company in 2014. You can count on him to listen carefully and clarify your unique situation and objectives. Then he’ll help you get results by applying proven tools and methods he has developed over the years, while navigating hundreds of purchasing scenarios.

There are many ways to work with John to find your best LMS. Here are some popular ways to put our learning system selection services to work for you:

Complimentary Consultation with John Leh

Are you in the market for your first LMS or considering replacing your current learning system? Overwhelmed by all the vendor choices that look similar? Scared of making a bad choice? Not sure of where to start? Schedule a complimentary initial consultation with our Lead Analyst, John Leh, to discuss your learning system goals and get pointed in the right direction.

Hourly Consulting with John Leh

Ready to roll up your sleaves and get to work. Schedule time with John by the hour for help with any of the nine steps in the LMS buying process:

  • Research — Discuss your vision, goals, strategic gaps, and missed opportunities. Then get specific, next-step advice and relevant follow-up information.
  • Business Case — Are you paying too much for your current LMS? Can you afford to make a switch? Need help articulating unrealized measurable benefits?
  • Define Requirements — Discuss tricky requirements, custom workflows, deficiencies in your current LMS, industry best practices and more.
  • Shortlisting Vendors — Get advice and perspectives on various vendor solutions that can address your needs.
  • Request for Proposals — Let John review RFP documents and responses to be sure you’ll achieve the desired outcome.
  • Use Case Demonstrations — Determine how structure use case demonstrations and how to work with specific vendors to make the most of your demo experience.
  • Sandbox — Learn about what’s possible, included in the sales process and best practices with your final test and verify opportunity before purchase.
  • References — Receive guidance on how to conduct reference calls, what questions to ask and how to gather useful intelligence from your industry peers.
  • Negotiation — Review vendor pricing with John so he can suggest ideas to move your negotiations forward and help you get the best deal.

Cost: $500/hour
Schedule an hour now to jumpstart your learning system selection process!

LMS/Learning System Recommendation Service

Have you started researching LMS vendors to support educational initiatives for customers or partners, association members, training-as-a-business use cases, employees or the extended enterprise? Are you unsure about where to start or are already overwhelmed by all the vendor choices? We have the perfect service to jumpstart your LMS selection process!

Spend your time evaluating qualified vendor options, not trying to qualify over 1000 learning systems!

Our Vendor Shortlisting Service is designed to help you quickly identify key differentiating requirements, goals and objectives. Then we’ll help you identify four of the best-qualified LMS, LXP or other learning systems for your needs. With John Leh leading the charge, you can save months of research, and lots of unnecessary risks and costs.

The service includes:

  • John Leh as your primary learning systems selection consultant
  • A 30-minute kickoff call to introduce our recommendation services and resources
  • Access to our in-depth Talented Learning 2023 LMS and Learning System Market Report
  • Team access to the Talented Learning Center educational site, where you can learn about learning systems of all types and how to select the best solution for your needs
  • Private team access to the Talented Learning Adaptive Requirements Survey (for up to 10 individuals)
  • 2 hours of Virtual Discovery with John Leh to confirm your requirements and survey results
  • Recommendations focusing on four qualified vendor solutions that align with your budget, goals, and requirements
  • Personalized email introductions to the appropriate contact at each of the four recommended vendors
  • A 1-hour health check call during the selection process to provide ad-hoc advice and support

Cost: $3,995
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White Glove Learning System Selection Services

While selling enterprise learning management systems for 14 years for two major LMS providers, John Leh participated in hundreds of large-scale sales opportunities and studied the trends, activities and habits of the best and worst buyers at every stage of the buying process.

John founded Talented Learning and defined a step-by-step process for buyers, based on the combined best practices of successful purchasing organizations. Since early 2014, John has actively helped more than 100 large and small organization find and buy the best extended enterprise LMS for their needs.

With this service, you get John’s personal attention and guidance through every step of the buying process. This includes defining requirements, shortlisting vendors, writing, managing and rating the RFP and proposal responses, orchestrating use case demonstrations, sandboxes, reference calls and, of course, negotiation.

By relying on John, you’ll save time, money and risk as you learn a ton and find your best learning solution in the most effective, efficient way possible.

Is John the right consultant for you? See what his clients say in these 40+ LinkedIn recommendations!

2023 Learning System Market Report – Now Available

There are 1000+ learning solutions to consider in today’s landscape. Don’t waste your time trying to research them yourself. We’ve done the work so you can find and verify an ideal shortlist of qualified options, quickly and easily.

Upgrading your LMS?

• Learn everything about the commercial LMS market and the top 40 global solutions in the Talented Learning 2023 Commerical Learning Systems Market Report

• 170+ pages of detailed comparisons and rankings

• 100+ informative tables and charts

• Our exclusive RightFit Solution Grid™ illustrates where to focus for a shortlist of qualified vendors

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