Services for LMS Buyers

Get the LMS Selection Guidance You Need

In today’s challenging environment, finding the right LMS is a critical business continuity decision. You can’t afford to choose wrong!

With travel and live meetings on hold, going 100% online for customer, partner and employee education is mandatory. But with more than 1000 diverse learning platforms available, it’s nearly impossible to successfully cut through the marketing noise, vendor differentiation and diverse pricing without an experienced guide.


John Leh is that guide. John is the Lead Analyst of Talented Learning. He’s a trusted learning tech industry veteran with over 25 years and $75 million-worth of front-line experience in buying and selling complex learning solutions.

Since 2014, John has devoted himself to helping over 100 LMS buyers define their requirements and buy the right learning system for their needs. As Talented Learning’s exclusive consultant for LMS buyers, he offers the following LMS selection services:

1) “Short List” LMS Recommendation Service

Fast-forward your LMS selection process with vendor recommendations from John Leh. John will define your organization’s critical requirements and recommend up to five vendors that match your precise learning objectives and business scenario.

2) “Full-Service” LMS Selection Consulting

From requirements definition, short list recommendations, RFP creation, vendor evaluation, partner selection to contract negotiations,  you can rely on John Leh to professional manage every step effectively and efficiently to find an LMS that works for you. Contact John Leh to discuss your specific goals. Review John’s recommendations on LinkedIn.

3) “Custom LMS Consulting” with John Leh

Need a quick sanity check on your crisis learning systems plans?  Schedule one or a block of hours with John Leh to discuss any of the following:

    • Developing a business case
    • Evaluating the stay vs. change LMS business decision
    • Clarifying requirements
    • Validating vendor choices
    • Explaining LMS licensing/pricing
    • Strategies for content development or migration
    • LMS integration strategies
    • Planning an effective LMS roll-out

Want to Learn More?

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