Do You Need Help Finding Your Best LMS?

Are you buying an LMS or other learning system?  Do you want the world’s most experienced LMS selection consultant to guide you through the buying process to save you time, money, effort and risk?  You are in the right place.  

John Leh, founder and lead analyst of Talented Learning, provides the help and expert guidance that serious LMS buyers want and need to succeed.  John’s 25 years of front-line LMS buying, selling and selection consulting experience is unparalleled in the industry.  

Every day, John is helping serious organizations buy the best learning system for their unique needs.  That’s why he started the company in 2014.  He listens intently and has the tools, methodology, education, best practices and the experience of hundreds and hundreds of successful LMS purchases in his tool kit to ensure your buying success.

There are many ways to work with John to find your best LMS including:

LMS Recommendation Service

Have you started researching LMS vendors for extended enterprise, customer, partner, employee, association or continuing education use cases, but don’t know where to start or are already overwhelmed by all the vendor choices?  

We have the perfect service to jumpstart your LMS selection process! 

The Talented Learning Vendor Shortlisting Service, led by lead analyst John Leh, is designed to quickly identify key, differentiating requirements, goals and objectives to identify the four best, qualified LMS, LXP or other learning systems for your needs.  

We can help you save months of research and risk.  Spend your time evaluating qualified vendor options, not trying to qualify over 1000 learning systems! 

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White Glove LMS Selection Services

While selling enterprise learning management systems for 14 years for two major LMS providers, John Leh participated in hundreds of large-scale sales opportunities and studied the trends, activities and habits of the best and worst buyers at every stage of the buying process. 

John founded Talented Learning and created a defined buying process for buyers to follow based on the combined best practices of the most successful buyers. For the last eight years, John has actively helped over a hundred large and small organization buy the best extended enterprise LMS for their needs. 

With this service you get the best.  John will personally guide you through every step of the buying process including defining requirements, shortlisting vendors, writing, managing and rating the RFP and proposal responses, orchestrating use case demonstrations, sandboxes, reference calls and, of course, negotiation.

With John, you will save time, money and risk as you learn a ton and find your best learning solution!

Is John the right consultant for you?  Review John’s public 40+ recommendations on LinkedIn to find out!

Hourly Consulting

When it comes to LMS selection, sometimes a little is just enough. Schedule John by the hour and get help in any of the 9 steps of the LMS buying process from business case, vendor options to negotiation.  

Buy an hour or two now. Consulting hours can typically be completed in 24-48 hours.

Want to Learn More?

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