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Our LMS and Learning System Directory has in-depth independent research on over 40 LMS solutions. Learn about target market, key demographics, functionality, integrations, services offered, pricing, awards and John Leh reviews.

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Since 2014, Talented Learning Founder & Lead Analyst, John Leh, has helped over a hundred organizations buy an extended enterprise learning system.  Check out his informed and independent insights from the front lines of buying and selling learning systems:

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Premium LMS and Learning System Market Research

We study the LMS and learning systems marketplace and publish our research and analysis to enable LMS practitioners, buyers, sellers and investors with accurate and actionable information:

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Fiercely Independent Vendor Research

Researching LMS and other learning systems? We provide many free and premium resources to help you identify your best learning system options:

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We provide free resources and premium education to help you succeed at any stage of the learning system buying process. Click on any stage to learn:

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Are you in the market for a new LMS or other learning system? Check our services to help you find your best LMS:

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Choosing the best LMS for your organization doesn’t have to be scary.  Talented Learning and our resources are designed to inform and empower learning system buyers, practitioners and vendors with up-to-date information and fiercely-independent market analysis.

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