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For 10 years, we’ve been guiding successful customer education LMS buyers, practitioners and vendors. This growing collection of useful resources brings together the best of our customer education advice: articles, podcasts, on-demand webinars, videos, whitepapers, case studies and much, much more.

The fastest-growing segment of the learning systems industry focuses on educating customers through all stages of the lifecycle. Trained customers are happier and more productive. They’re also more loyal and more profitable for your business.

Customer Education LMS Use Cases

There are many ways to leverage a customer education LMS. The smartest organizations think about how a learning system can support every stage of the customer journey. How? Click on the boxes below to learn more…

Attract and Inform Prospects

Develop, deliver and track promotions and trigger campaigns in the LMS, driven by native or integrated CRM capabilities

Drive Qualified Leads

Use the LMS to tag users based on events or prior actions they’ve taken as potential customers. Then move them toward customer status with educational programs by combining targeted emails, discounts, bundles, blogs, videos and other content

Onboard New Customers

Start relationships on the right foot with highly personalized content and support people need to succeed with your product or service

Accelerate Time to Value

Create and manage a compelling onboarding curriculum by tailoring content to each customer’s unique interests. This engaging approach builds confidence and competence that drives adoption and reinforces continued use

Strengthen Existing Relationships

Drive ongoing training that inspires and enables customers to expand their use of your products over time

Boost Satisfaction and Loyalty

Nurture ongoing product use and build a springboard for cross-selling and upselling. Proactively educate customers about relevant new products, processes and capabilities that enhance their customer experience over time

Develop Brand Champions

Turn your best customers into vocal advocates that promote your brand through testimonials on social media, in blogs and beyond

Get Your Customers Talking

Empower committed customers to amplify their experience with your brand. Offer a global community of interest that encourages your best customers to share their expertise and support others, no matter what their language or location may be

Daily Customer Ed Shorts with John Leh

Best Customer Education LMS Solutions

These award-winning brands have been rated the best customer education LMS vendors, based on research by our Founder and Lead Analyst, John Leh:

Mapping the Best Customer Education LMSs

What learning systems are you considering for your customer education needs? To understand more clearly how the top 40 commercial LMSs compare, check our proprietary RightFit Solution Grid. In a single visual snapshot, this free decision support map aligns both vendor capabilities and buyer characteristics. Using this grid is simple. Just choose the buying persona that most closely describes your business realities, and you’ll see solutions that best match your requirements.

RightFit Grid Up Close: Watch This Short Video

Get the 2023 LMS RightFit Grid – Free!

Download the LMS RightFit Solution Grid, along with our guide to interpreting each of the four quadrants. A must-read resource for learning systems decision makers!

Articles About Customer Education

We’ve been writing about customer education since 2014! Learn more about this hot topic from articles by John Leh and guest experts…

Tune In to Customer Education LMS Podcast Episodes

Learn all about business cases, key challenges, and best-practices. And get actionable advice from industry experts. Listen to inteverview by John Leh on the Talented Learning Show Podcast

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Customer Ed Video Nuggets

Join John Leh and guest experts and learn all about customer ed in 10-minute or less video nuggets!

Customer Education Case Studies

Take a look at this selection of customer education case studies:

Replay On-Demand Customer Education Webinars

Join the Talented Learning Center membership site to review many of our on-demand webinars and panel discussions about this topic…

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The Basics: What is a Customer Education LMS?

Quickly learn about platforms designed for customer training and the customer lifecycle. Watch these short videos…

Learn How to Buy a Customer Ed LMS

Join John Leh as he provides an in-depth overview and interview on how to find the best LMS for your customer ed organization.

Learn about the 2023 market of LMS vendors and how to go about finding the right vendors and make the right choice for your organization with this 60-minute learning video by John Leh.

Our CEO John Leh was recently interviewed by customer ed expert Dave Derington on the Customer Education Lab Podcast about buying an LMS. Check out the video below or read the edited transcript here.

Other Customer Education Resources

3rd-Party Independent Resources

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