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The countdown has begun! Yep, it’s that time of year, when learning professionals from around the world come together for ATD24 — the Association for Talent Development International Conference and Expo. It all unfolds next week, May 19-22 in New Orleans. And ATD24 promises to be one of the organization’s most pivotal events yet. Why?

The ATD Annual Conference At-a-Glance

Attracting nearly 10,000 people from 80+ countries, the ATD annual conference is the world’s largest gathering of learning professionals. Attendees benefit from intensive formal and informal learning opportunities, networking activities and updates on key industry trends.

Whether you attend onsite or online, this event is always a memorable, enriching experience. That’s why I recommend it to anyone in the learning industry, no matter what your role may be.

What’s Special About ATD24?

It doesn’t hurt that Matthew McConaughey, Venus Williams and Daniel Pink are headlining the ATD24 keynote marquee. (That kind of star power, alone, could be enough to draw 10,000 learning professionals to The Big Easy!) Although the ATD24 conference agenda is also a massive attraction. As always, it’s packed with opportunities to learn, share, sell and socialize.

But here’s why I’m closely watching all the ATD24 action. Since Gen AI burst on the scene late in 2022, everyone in the learning community has been bombarded with AI buzz. The noise has become deafening. Yet among LMS platforms, AI is no longer just a bunch of blue-sky happy talk.

Already, AI is driving serious business applications. Consider what’s happening with content creation, transcription, translation, recommendations, analytics, automation, and beyond. Mind-blowing. And new learning use cases emerge almost daily.

This means the proof will be on full display in the massive ATD24 expo hall. Over 350 vendors are showcasing their capabilities, and many are emphasizing AI capabilities. Yet with so many choices and so little time, it’s too much for any human to digest. That’s why you need a strategic plan.

See for Yourself: Follow Our ATD24 Tour Map

Clearly, talking about LMS AI and seeing it in action are two different things. But there’s no better time to see cool LMS advances up close than at ATD24. So we mapped a special ATD24 Expo Tour just for you.

The list below identifies 10 LMS vendor booths to visit at ATD24. We also suggest AI features you should ask to see. Follow the tour through all 10 stops and you’ll sample the best in LMS AI today. What better way to invest your limited floor time?


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Let’s Get This ATD24 Tour Started!

Our 10-vendor tour stops are located all over the ATD24 Expo floor. So we listed them geographically below to help you navigate more easily and efficiently.

First, walk into the hall through the main entrance. Turn left and walk 10 rows to the Docebo booth. (The Headshot Lounge is just beyond Docebo’s space.) This is your first stop. Next, work your way back to the main entrance and follow the Expo map to find the 9 other great LMS AI examples below:


Docebo — Booth 1401 — See the full profile | review | demo | insights | case studies

Docebo is the fastest-growing learning system in the world. Its end-to-end solution includes an LMS and LXP, along with authoring, analytics and impact tools. It is an ideal fit for extended enterprise, employee learning or member training. Ask to see their AI-powered “Shape” authoring tool that instantly converts videos, presentations or documents into elearning courses. Also ask how you can use AI to personalize the learner experience.

Litmos — Booth 1729 — See the full profile | insights | case studies

A leader in the market since 2007, Litmos solutions include an easy-to-use LMS platform with comprehensive learning content libraries, and integrations with top workflow tools and services that make learning experiences more successful. Thousands of companies trust Litmos to create, curate and connect learning to employees, customers and partners. When you stop by, be sure to ask about their brand-new “AI-Assistant” for learners, managers and administrators or their AI-driven video assessments and adaptive learning capabilities.

LearnUpon – Booth 2726 — See the full profile | reviewinsights | case studies

LearnUpon is a complete, all-purpose LMS designed to support multiple audiences – customers and partners, as well as employees. LearnUpon is a highly functional, affordable extended enterprise solution that excels in portal management, content creation, learner engagement and learning analytics. When visiting, ask to see their “Reflection Coach.” This is an AI bot that interacts with learners during self-paced learning. Also ask about integrations with Easygenerator and Colossyan, AI authoring tools that streamline and enhance graphical and video creation.

Cornerstone – Booth 2929 — See the full profile| review | insights |

Cornerstone powers the future-ready workforce with adaptive HR solutions designed to unite technology, data and content while inspiring a work environment of growth, agility and success for all. Ask to see their AI-powered, skills-forward, experiential system that helps organizations modernize and deliver the most relevant content from anywhere, and establish skills as the universal language of business growth and success.

D2L — Booth 3110 — See the full profile | review | demo | insights | case studies

D2L is one of the world’s fastest-growing LMS solutions. D2L’s strengths include support for ILT, social and informal learning, and learner experience design, along with 1800 no-code/low-code application integrations. When visiting their booth, ask to see how they use the power of AI to automatically transform existing content — including video submissions from students — into relevant questions and responses.

Schoox — Booth 3401 — See the full profile | review | demo | insights

A specialist in complex compliance, regulatory and distributed organizational learning, Schoox is a powerful and very popular global LMS. This platform stands out with its strong capabilities for group management, performance management, content curation, ROI impact measurement, goals management and social learning, as well as its extensive application integrations. Stop by to discuss their just-released capability — AI-driven skills mapping of all LMS (and other) content to 14,000 skills, which enables personalized learning and drives individual and organization growth.

Administrate — Booth 3511 — See the full profile | review | demo | insights | case studies

Administrate excels at driving efficiency and unlocking measurable ROI in the world’s largest training organizations. This training resource management system solves complex, high-volume, instructor-led learning scheduling, resource allocation and learning plan execution challenges. When visiting, ask for a demonstration of their new AI-powered “ILT Scheduler,” which lets training administrators automatically create a training schedule that can accommodate hundreds of classes, multiple sessions, multiple locations and rooms, qualified instructors, equipment, pre/post work and more.

DigitalChalk — Booth 3610 — See the full profile | demo | case studies

DigitalChalk specializes in extended enterprise solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses. Key differentiators include video learning, immersive simulations, social learning, gamification, assessments, ease of implementation and exceptional customer support. Ask them to demo their AI-powered automatic test creation, AI assignment grading or video transcripts features.

Absorb LMS — Booth 3611 — See the full profile | review | demo | case studies

Absorb is a popular, full-featured learning system that integrates LMS with LXP, as well as authoring and analytics tools. Absorb LMS excels in customer, partner and employee training for most industries. Ask to see their learning-in-the-flow-of-work prowess in action. Prepared to be wowed when they demonstrate their AI-fortified content authoring tool that automates much of the process, or their AI-powered upskilling capability that ties content to thousands of skills and jobs for highly adaptive, personalized learning.

CYPHER Learning – Booth 3021 — See the full profile | review | demo | insights | case studies

CYPHER Learning is on the rise in the all-purpose LMS industry with a broad, useful, innovative product suite. Some of their strengths include easy-of-use, 1000+ integrations, instructor-focused capabilities, gamification, social learning, globalization and a solid learner experience design. Ask to see their AI-enabled “copilot” content authoring tool. Then compare and contrast this with similar capabilities from Absorb and Docebo.


Success! You’ve Completed the ATD24 LMS AI Innovation Tour

Whew. Did you make it all the way around the ATD24 booths we recommend? If so, I’m confident you have a good grasp on what’s driving the current LMS AI wave. Of course, much of this technology is new and still evolving. However, by seeing what’s already possible, you start to envision how organizations will benefit in the future.

It was a pleasure being your human guide to the best of LMS AI. Enjoy your time at ATD24, and I’ll see you on the other side.

(NOTE: Although I can’t join you live in New Orleans for ATD24, I’ll be following along virtually. So feel free to share your impressions with me anytime on LinkedIn or Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you.)

Thanks for reading!



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More Resources

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