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Gen AI LMS Features 2 - Customer Ed Nuggets - Episode 9

The buzz surrounding artificial intelligence is so thunderous it’s impossible to ignore anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m nerdy and hang out in learning tech circles, but I can’t even go a half day without hearing something about AI — especially generative AI (gen AI). In fact, during more than 200 product update sessions with vendors this year, nearly everyone took the time to discuss what they’ve done or are planning to do with AI. And thus far, gen AI LMS features are capturing the spotlight.

Of course, generative AI isn’t the whole story. In our research, we’ve already identified more than 25 unique AI application areas for learning systems. This list continues to grow every day, and it’s exciting to see what’s possible. But 25 paths are way too many to tackle in one brief 10-minute podcast.

So today, let’s focus on generative AI. Why? Because gen AI LMS features are here now. They are changing the customer education game. And they are easy to adopt.

Which gen AI LMS features should be on your radar? What can dramatically reduce your content creation costs and timeframes? Find out in this 9th episode of the Customer Ed Nuggets podcast!


Himansu Karunadasa - CTO NetExam - Talented LearningToday’s Guest Expert

For this episode, it’s a pleasure to welcome someone who understands learning tech innovation from the inside out. Himansu Karunadasa is CTO and Co-Founder of NetExam, a market-leading customer and partner education LMS.

Himansu has been responsible for defining, developing and evolving the NetExam platform for nearly 20 years. Now, his team is integrating AI-based capabilities that make it possible for NetExam’s customers to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer and partner learning initiatives.


What is a “Gen AI LMS”?

Before we jump into details, let’s define what we mean by “gen AI LMS.” To start, here’s the definition of generative AI, according to ChatGPT:

“Generative AI refers to a type of artificial intelligence system that is designed to generate new content, often in the form of text, images, audio, or other types of data. Unlike traditional AI systems that are rule-based or rely on explicit programming, generative AI can generate output that wasn’t explicitly programmed into it.”

A gen AI LMS takes this concept a giant step further. Specifically, it can generate instructional content of any type. Boom. (Did you hear that? It’s the sound of irreversible change in the online learning world.)


Top 5 Gen AI LMS Features

10 years after founding Talented Learning, I’m stunned by the current pace of AI innovation in learning systems. Only 24 months ago, it was nearly impossible to find a vendor that could clearly articulate its gen AI LMS plans, let alone productized features. Now, many customer education organizations are already using a variety of features from 5 key categories:

1. Course Creators — These AI authoring tools are either standalone solutions that can be used with any LMS, or are built directly into a learning system. Like all AI capabilities, these tools vary in their level of sophistication. However, all can create lessons or courses, including instructional design, assessments and text. The strongest course creators can generate multi-lesson content, source graphics and videos, create study guides, rubrics, gamification strategies, and much more. This cuts course development in half or more.

2. Administrative Aids — Although these gen AI LMS features aren’t glamorous, they are fan favorites. That’s because they help administrators reduce the burden of manual data entry in various ways. For example, you can find tools that catalog graphics, index videos, and suggest titles, descriptions, tags, skills, and much more.

3. Adaptive Learning Aids — These web or mobile applications engage learners by regularly delivering content on a spaced-repetition basis. The learning experience is personalized, adaptive, and often interactive, with games such as flashcards, hangman, or Jeopardy. You can base adaptive content on various aspects of a learner’s profile, such as a job, role, or organization. The strongest tools extend these choices to learner behavior, such as prior purchases, web page visits, support tickets initiated, or even features used/not used in other applications.

4. Transcription and Translation — In the past, transcription and translation were a learning content creator’s biggest budget and time hogs. Not anymore. Want any content you create in English to be available in Spanish or 168 other languages? No problem. Gen AI LMS features can complete this task in an instant. What’s more, you can train these translations on your organization’s data.

5. AI Tutors — Gen AI LMS tutors and bots are getting incredibly smart. They can process massive amounts of proprietary and basic generative data to enhance the customer education process. Plus, they can follow learners as they move inside and outside of online learning content. Common applications include:

  • Finding immediate answers to support questions in a knowledge base.
  • Routing questions to AI-identified experts in the organization. Then the bot documents the answer and rates the customer’s satisfaction with the answer.
  • Similar to other adaptive learning aides, these bots can use all kinds of non-LMS data to create a truly unique learner experience.

Just imagine, if your competitors are taking advantage of these innovative features while you continue to author customer education content the old-fashioned, manual way, how long before your organization loses a step or two in the marketplace?


Watch This Episode of Customer Ed Nuggets

Which of these 5 Gen AI LMS feature groups matters most? Find out what Himansu and I think. Tune in to the brief video below, where we discuss our top 3 favorite gen AI learning innovations and why they are so important…

If you’d rather listen to our conversation, tune in to this audio podcast right here at


The Bottom Line on Gen AI LMS Features in Customer Education

Based on my experience with gen AI LMS vendors, it’s a safe bet your provider has already released some features or will do so soon. You’ll want to understand any existing functionality, as well as the roadmap, so you can adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Keep in mind that, although all the features I’ve mentioned are already in use today, they are fairly cutting-edge and still need time to mature. You’ll want to keep an eye open for new generative AI features and evaluate them on an ongoing basis, so you can determine their impact on your customer education content strategy, instructional design methods, personnel, timelines, costs, content volume, customer satisfaction, and overall business success. But don’t delay. The future is already here. No pressure.


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