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EDITOR’S NOTE:  This special bundle opportunity expired on 9/30/2016. However, the LMS Almanac: Corporate Edition is still available!  See details here


It’s a hit! Our first comprehensive research report for learning technology buyers and sellers – the LMS Almanac: Corporate Edition 2016 – is getting rave reviews.

And now we’re celebrating with a special high-value bonus:

EXTENDED! Purchase the LMS Almanac by September 20, 2016, September 30, 2016, and you’ll also receive 2 hours of personalized “ask the analyst” telephone consulting with our lead analyst, John Leh – at no additional charge!

Why are we offering this extra, hands-on guidance? John Leh explains:

“With almost 700 providers today, the learning technology environment is complex and often confusing to navigate, for vendors and customers, alike. But after a 2-hour quick-start call with me – and with ongoing access to the LMS Almanac – you’ll have all the intelligence you need to move your agenda forward.”


What Is the LMS Almanac: Corporate Edition?

Based on more than two years of rigorous data collection and analysis, the LMS Almanac helps buyers and sellers cut through industry sales fluff, with a discerning, fiercely independent view of key technology issues, emerging opportunities and leaders in learning management systems today.  The LMS Almanac is packed with all the insights you need to make informed decisions, including:

  • Detailed statistics and commentary about critical LMS market trends
  • 50+ graphics, charts and lists that illustrate and compare key data points
  • 75 profiles of vendors to watch (Download a free sample profile)
  • Comprehensive LMS requirements guide and analysis
  • Helpful “one-sentence definition” learning technology and jargon guide
  • Dozens of real-world case studies
  • And more!

LMS Almanac is "Excellent!" says President of eLogic Learning, endorsing the independent guide for learning tech buyers and sellers (published by Talented Learning)Every word has been thoughtfully developed by authors  John Leh, CEO & Lead Analyst and Joelle Girton, COO of Talented Learning.

Whether you’re looking for an LMS to support employees, channel partners, customers, or others in your extended enterprise ecosystem, this report is a must-have resource to help you quickly and easily find and qualify the best learning platform vendor for your needs.

AND NOW, with John Leh personally guiding you in the right direction, you’ll find an even faster path to a learning technology solution that really works for your organization.

Total cost for the comprehensive LMS Almanac – PLUS custom “ask the analyst” consulting:

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Who Should Buy This Report?

  • LMS Buyers in Corporate Training Organizations: There are multiple variations on the corporate LMS.  Many focus on employee audiences, with users who need compliance training and talent development.  Other platforms focus on non-employees – so-called “extended enterprise” audiences — such as channel partners, dealers, franchises, distributors, and retailers, as well as customers and prospects.  No matter what corporate audiences you serve, this report is your best go-to guide.
  • LMS Almanac author John Leh saves learning tech buyers "time, frustration and money" says President of Applied Intelligence Consulting, Melissa ScrimoeLearning Consultants and Custom Training Content Companies:  Your customers come to you first with questions about how to replace or upgrade their systems. But it’s impossible to focus on your primary goals while staying up-to-speed on the overwhelming variety of available LMS choices.  This report gives you all the insights you need to confidently guide your clients in developing an actionable vendor short list.
  • LMS Vendors:  With 650+ LMS vendors in today’s fluid marketplace, most vendors don’t know where they fit in.  This report profiles the types of LMS platforms available, assesses relevant features in detail, and provides vendor comparisons for employee and extended enterprise categories.  We’ve also identified the best vendors for each feature group, along with purchasing requirements, so you can benchmark your system with others.  For many vendors, this is the first time your LMS is accurately assessed side-by-side with comparable platforms.
  • HR and Training/Development Professionals:  Anyone interested in catching up on recent tectonic shifts in the learning management industry — as well as the rapid rise of extended enterprise learning — will find this an invaluable resource.  Want to win a seat at the executive table?  Learn how to engage external audiences and transform your training cost center into a revenue-based operation.


Preview the LMS Almanac Now

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Table of Contents

The LMS Almanac: Corporate Edition 2016 tops out at 256 pages of no-nonsense, hard-core detail.  (Here’s a snapshot of the full table of contents.)  It is organized into 6 segments.

1. Key Market Trends:  We outline 10 key trends that are driving and expanding the LMS market.  Learn how cloud LMS vendors are disrupting the market, why extended enterprise is more business-critical than talent management/LMS integration, what’s happening with the rise of content learning management systems, social functionality, gamification and much more.

2. The 4 Types Corporate Learning Management Systems:  Corporations are applying LMS capabilities for much more than compliance training management.  In this section we outline the uses, business cases, key LMS features, top vendors, vendor comparisons and case studies for corporate learning initiatives involving employees, channel and business partners, customers and prospects.

LMS Almanac by TalentedLearning is "a great resource" that moves the learning technology industry forward, says President BlueVolt, Douglas Gastich3. LMS Requirements Guide: This in-depth section organizes and analyzes functional, technical, professional service, ongoing support and business LMS requirements. For each requirement, we include comparison charts and data mined from our 2015-2016 LMS Vendor Survey.  And for the functional feature sets we categorized basic, intermediate and advanced sub-features.

4.  LMS License and Pricing Guide:  How much should an LMS cost?  In this guide, we summarize pricing we have reviewed from almost 100 vendors.  We’ll outline the different LMS license models as well as expected license and implementation fees.

5. Learning Technology Jargon and Acronym Guide:  Over 250 learning technology and LMS terms defined in one-sentence definitions that are easy to understand.  Download a complimentary copy of the Talented Learning Jargon and Acronym Guide.

6. 75 LMS Vendor Profiles:  Each profile is a 2-page vendor analysis based on 150 relevant data points — including business information, contact information, features and integration strength, scope of services and support, license models, deployment models, language localizations, critical features for clients, and more.  Download a sample two-page LMS vendor profile.

Vendors profiled in this edition of the LMS Almanac include:

Talented Learning Vendor Profile List 042516

100% Independent, Reliable LMS Research:  Guaranteed

No vendor was (or ever will be) charged a fee to be included in any Talented Learning advisory reports.  We maintain 100% independence and neutrality.  Our objective is to be objective about our analysis and advice.  Here’s the basis for our research methodology:

  • 13 years of prior experience successfully selling more than $50 million in high-end learning management systems
  • Deep recent experience as lead LMS selection consultants for more than 24 learning organizationsLMS Almanac author John Le is "my go-to expert on learning management systems" says Ryan Richards, Council on International Educational Exchange
  • In-depth review and comparative analysis of 111 LMS solutions
  • Research compiled while developing 80 original LMS-related blog posts and 25 webinars – all of which are publicly available as industry reference information
  • The centerpiece of our extensive vendor analysis was obtained from the 2015-2016 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Survey, where we compiled and reviewed detailed responses from 75 learning platform developers.

Now, for only $2,500, you can get unlimited access to all of this LMS intelligence – along with personalized guidance to help your organization put it to use, immediately!

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See LMS Almanac Data in Action – Recorded Webinars

Want more detail before you decide?  Check the following recorded webinars. Hosted by Talented Learning CEO and Lead Analyst, these sessions reveal insights and tips that emerged as we developed the LMS Almanac:

How to Save Money While Finding The Right LMS

Learning tech buyers commonly make similar mistakes when buying an LMS.  This in-depth webinar outlines the 5 most common LMS selection missteps, and explains how LMS Almanac can help you avoid these costly pitfalls!

State of the 2016 LMS Market

With the emergence of cloud LMS providers, the market has shifted from behemoth generalists to nimble specialists.  Gone are the “two oceans” – academic and corporate LMS markets. But they’ve been replaced by 675+ “ponds” of LMS specialization!  There is an LMS for every industry, business need, organizational size and budget. This informative session takes a deep dive into these new volatile, uncertain and exciting waters.

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Legal Notices: Copyright and Fair Use of the LMS Almanac

Copyright © 2016 Talented Learning, LLC.  All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in part or whole in any media or format.  The LMS Almanac: Corporate Edition 2016 is exclusively for use by the individual or organization purchasing the report.  An individual may share the LMS Almanac with fellow employees of the same organization as the person purchasing the report.  Sharing of report outside of the buying organization is strictly prohibited.  See full terms and conditions.


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