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State of the LMS Marketplace

Are you struggling to understand the complex 2016 LMS market, and the hundreds of LMS options available?

Why not let me – John Leh, CEO & Lead Analyst – sort it all out for you? After 13 years selling high-end LMSs, I spent the last two years conducting deep-dive reviews of 111 diverse LMS vendors (and counting). I know how to find the fastest path between you and an LMS that meets your specific business needs. And I explain how in this webinar.

With the evolution of cloud LMS providers, the market has shifted from behemoth generalists to nimble specialists. Gone are the two massive oceans of academic and corporate LMSs, replaced by 675+ tiny ponds of specialization. There is an LMS for every industry, business need, organizational size and budget.

In this fast-paced webinar I discuss:

  • Top 5 trends driving the LMS marketplace
  • 4 Types of 2016 LMS solutions
  • Common and unique features sets
  • 20+ real-life case studies
  • PLUS a quick tour of our new research report: “LMS Almanac:  Corporate Edition 2016


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