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Learning systems investors know it’s smart to invest in this market. But knowing where to invest is not so easy.

Since 2014, we’ve been helping learning systems investors of all types learn about this market, including key business drivers, use cases, top features, key differentiators, and most importantly, the true inside story on many vendors.

John Leh, Founder and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, provides the help and expert guidance that serious investors want and need to succeed. With over 25 years of front-line LMS buying, selling and selection consulting success, John’s experience is unparalleled in the industry. He can provide a realistic perspective on what’s happening at the front lines of learning solutions buying and selling.

There are multiple ways John can work with you help identify and confirm investment, acquisition or merger target opportunities:

Hourly Consulting with John Leh

Sometimes a little help, orientation or advice iis just enough. Schedule John by the hour and get ad-hoc help in:

  • Market overview, market history, use cases
  • Difference between extended enterprise, customer, partner and employee learning
  • Top LMS and learning system trends and why
  • Key differentiators for buyers
  • Different types of buyers, use cases, buying opportunities
  • Investment opportunities
  • Identification of hot new technologies and companies
  • Competitive breakdowns and advice
  • Candid advice and information on individual vendors
  • Question and answer to confirm market assumptions
  • and much more

Cost: $500/hour – Schedule an hour now and jumpstart your learning system selection process


Don’t invest Docebo, Absorb, Talent LMS, Skilljar, Thought Industires, LearnUpon, Schoox, Cornerstone, CYPHER LEARNING, Totara, D2L, Intellum, Valamis, LearnAmp, Litmos, Meridian, AcornLMS, Administrate, Cadmium, Authentic Labs, LearningCart, Learnie, Growth Engineering, NetExam, Teachable and many more without getting the true, on-the-ground, due-diligence from Talented Learning’s John Leh.

You name the company target and Talented Learning will perform an in-depth benchmark and competitive analysis that will provide independent and actionable insights about the target company and the broader LMS market. John Leh and the Talented Learning team will create custom competitive report on target acquisition that includes:

  • Identification and analysis of solution strengths, weaknesses and differentiation points in comparison to competitors and opportunity type.
  • Identify strengths, specific usability issues, and key opportunities for up to 40 functional areas of the solution.
  • Market dynamics and growth
    • Growth drivers
    • Cross-sell opportunity to existing customer base
    • Target solution growth relative to the LMS market?
    • Differentiation vs. competitors. ‘Right to win’ vs. competitors
    • Expected share gains and losses going forward
  • Competitive breakdown
    • Key differentiators in the market – discussion of why one vendor is selected over others
    • Market position of the Company and its competitors
    • Typical use cases and criticality to customers. How easy is it to switch solutions?
    • Go to market strategy of target company and competitors
    • Pricing of target company relative to competitors
    • Win rates vs. target company
  • Review of Company’s customer base
    • Overall customer satisfaction
    • Customer breakdown (i.e. how to segment customer base)
    • Why do customers churn or down sell?
    • Where do churned customers typically go to?
    • Overview of renewal process and considerations

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