At this stage in the buying process, it’s time to define your LMS functional requirements and document exactly what features, integrations, deployment options, vendor services and license model you need to be successful.

How do you define requirements? How can you ensure you’re not overpaying, underbuying or looking at the wrong LMS vendors? Where do you start? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

The simple answer is that you must define LMS functional requirements properly. That might sound laborious… and it is, but we’re here to help!

The Talented Learning Center gives you immediate access to education and tools to help define your LMS requirements easily and quickly so you can find the best learning technology for your organization. Spend less time trying to figure out where to begin by letting us jumpstart and accelerate your research.

Defining LMS Functional Requirements Prevents Common Mistakes

While it can be difficult and time-consuming to define your organization’s LMS functional requirements, it’s a crucial part of the buying process. By defining your learning content and system requirements accurately and thoroughly in advance, these common – yet costly – mistakes can be avoided:

  • After contracts are finalized, you learn that the vendor’s LMS platform doesn’t provide the exact functionality for the training your organization needs or expects.
  • The new learning management system’s native integrations don’t work with your organization’s tech ecosystem, such as your CRM, Customer Service, HR or single sign-on applications.
  • During the LMS implementation, you start receiving change orders for incremental services and costs that were not included in the Statement of Work.
  • At the end of the year, you find yourself activating and deactivating learners because you didn’t buy enough licenses and didn’t understand or know the cost of running over the limit.

Defining LMS Functional Requirements Pays Off

Although many of the learning management systems on the market appear similar, each is unique. LMS and other learning systems providers specialize by use case support and industries, and as a result have different types and levels of functionality, training format support, integration capability, deployment options, technical certifications, service and implementation capability, global expertise and licensing models.

By defining requirements like a professional, you and your organization will reap these benefits:

  • Focus your internal team on what’s important with the new digital learning platform.
  • Define business, functional use case, integration, deployment, implementation, support and license requirements to prevent surprises.
  • Your vendor search is narrowed to specialized solutions that do exactly what you need, the way you need it within your budget.
  • Vendors are educated more quickly on your needs and provide accurate, impactful and lower-cost proposals.
  • The risk of choosing the wrong learning platform is eliminated, both for your organization and for you personally.
  • You find your best learning management system or learning platform!

The Talented Learning Center has the resources you need, available on demand, to define your learning management system requirements, prevent the misery of making the wrong choice, and find the best LMS software or elearning platform for your organization’s employees, business partners and customers.

Resources for Defining LMS Requirements

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