Rather than wait until next year, we are opening up the 2024 awards process immediately in 2023 for vendors who have not previously participated. This gives us an opportunity to learn about your solution sooner and add your unique perspective on the market to our thinking and analysis.

Learning systems vendors, it’s that time of year again! You could be honored as one of the “best of the best” in the extended enterprise market, just by entering your solution in the Talented Learning 2024 Awards. Participation is free to all, so submit your entry today. You can check out past winners here:

2023 Top 40 Learning Systems

2022 Top 40 Learning Systems

2021 Top 40 Learning Systems


To find out how you can be considered, read on…

Why Enter the Talented Learning 2024 Awards?

You’ve worked hard to develop a great learning system. Why not stand up and take a bow?

More than 1000 learning systems are available in today’s learning system marketplace. Many of those solutions are designed to support extended enterprise learning, but not all learning systems are created equal. Not even close. In this crowded market, it’s important to clearly communicate your positioning and distinguish your solution from the rest.

The Talented Learning Awards are an important way to promote your differentiation and gain instant credibility for your brand. Since 2014, our awards have been among the most trusted in the learning industry. For example, check out award winners from 2021 and 2022. Are you ready to be added to our list of 2024 awards?

Every year, we honor the top vendor solutions that rise above the rest in each of the various extended enterprise learning specialties. Is your solution one of the world’s best? Let’s find out!

Your entry can lead to a variety of valuable benefits. Winners enjoy the following benefits:

  • A profile will be publicly showcased in our Learning Systems Directory at TalentedLearning.com where buyers can find you based on your strengths and target market
  • Feature your solution in our awards announcement and video
  • You’ll receive a 2024 awards badge to display on your website and in marketing materials
  • Get on the radar of John Leh and Talented Learning analysts, as well as our growing community of 50,000+ followers
  • Attract leads for sales opportunities that fit your product strengths

To get started, just send us an entry request by submitting the form at the end of this post.

Who Should Enter the Talented Learning 2024 Awards?

We welcome entries for 2023 awards from all vendors with solutions that support any segment of the extended enterprise market. This includes:

  • Employee learning
  • Customer education
  • Partner, channel, franchise or gig worker learning
  • Extended enterprise learning (focused on training employees in combination with customers, partners or contractors)
  • Content-as-a-business solutions (for example to support associations, training companies, or individual subject matter experts)

Learning systems providers are encouraged to submit an entry for any type of extended enterprise solution including:

  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Learning experience platforms (LXP)
  • Training management systems (TMS)
  • Mobile learning apps
  • Microlearning and adaptive learning systems
  • Learning analytics platforms or tools
  • Content authoring systems
  • Video learning systems
  • And more…

How to Enter

Participation in the Talented Learning Systems 2023 Awards program is easy, open and FREE to all learning system vendors serving the extended enterprise market. To be considered, you need to follow three essential steps:

  1. Submit the form at the end of this post. Once we confirm your status as a learning technology vendor, we’ll send you a link to our 2023 vendor capability survey.
  2. After the survey submission, schedule an executive briefing with John Leh to present your organization and solution, and to verify facts submitted in your survey response.


When Will You Announce the 2024 Awards Winners?

After processing, reviewing, and comparing all entries, we will announce winners in a blog post here at TalentedLearning.com in September 2024. 

If you’re a winner, we’ll also notify you directly via email including 2023 awards badges that you can display on your website and in marketing communications.

That’s it! So, what are you waiting for? Get started by submitting the form below…

Request Access to Our Vendor Survey

No time like the present. Use the form below to request access to our 2023 capabilities survey. Upon submission, you will be able to schedule a briefing and demonstration with John Leh, CEO of Talented Learning.

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