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LMS Review eLogic Learning

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You’re welcome.  I just read through eLogic Learning’s 1041page eSSential LMS v9.2 User Manual so you wouldn’t have to.  The upside — I now know this system. Let me tell you about it.

Founded in 2001, eLogic Learning is a mature and proven industry leader in strategy, design and implementation of training and development products and services.   eLogic Learning makes the eSSential LMS.  They also provide mLearning, eLearning, gamification, video and animation custom content development services.  With the full package of LMS product and services,  they are able to provide complete impactful solutions –not just technology — to their customers.

Essential sums up eSSential.  This is a traditional LMS in terms of deep, configurable administrative capabilities.  You can do a lot of heavy LMS lifting with extreme user, organization, notification, eLearning, certification, instructor led and order management.  

The front end user experience looks like what you would expect.  You can access the catalog, your transcript and your mandatory or purchased learning.  Organizations can brand the LMS so that it  mimics an organization’s existing colors, logos, layout and fonts.  They have a nice Dynamic Content Page Management feature that allows you to tailor the front end on a portal basis so that you can support different audiences with different menus, widgets, content and workflow.

Extended enterprise is a core part of eLogic Learning’s strategy, product and services.  eSSential has a strong eCommerce module.  They can accept multiple payment types, variable pricing for different audiences, US taxation and integrate with 100+ payment gateways.   Their Email Campaign feature allows you to create and target straightforward emails to your different audiences for marketing of your content.  Certification and continuing education functionality facilitates the sale and management of professional education.   Their entire application is mobile ready.

What are the holes?  No globalization, no social learning and no LMS gamification features are probably the biggest gaps from other LMS systems we’ve reviewed for extended enterprise suitability.

My assessment –If you are looking for fancy, look elsewhere.  The eSSEntial is an old school, well developed, battle hardened, powerful LMS. It’s a workhorse.  If you need an LMS that has all the features for external and internal learning with robust configuration, and you require guidance and help with the content portion of the project, eLogic Learning and their eSSential LMS should be in your evaluation mix.


eLogic Learning Extended Enterprise Vitals

LMS Name:  eLogic Learning’s eSSential LMS


Twitter: @eLogicLearning

Contact Information:

Extended Enterprise Ready:  Yes

Types of Extended Enterprise Expertise Learning Supported:

  • Channel
  • Customer
  • eCommerce


  •  Responsiveness, quality, integrity, continuous improvement
  • “Everything matters, everyone matters, everytime” is the eLogic Learning mantra
  • LMS + content development + 3rd party content + expertise in extended enterprise

Licensing and Certification Features:

  • Learning paths
  • Fixed and dynamic due dates on content
  • Self-reported external learning
  • Continuing Education Credits (CEU) definition and tracking
  • Certification and license management
  • eLogic Learning offers a library of regulatory compliance content as well as custom content (mobile or eLearning) design and development

Adaptive Learning Features:

  • Attribute Management allows you to create custom attributes (fields) at the user, course or organization level.  These attributes can then be used to provide access to content, functionality and business rules.
  • Segmented catalogs based on user demographics
  • “Featured” content

eCommerce Features: 

  • Pre-login browse catalog
  • Shopping cart and checkout
  • Deep-linking directly to content registration
  • Sale of content or physical products
  • Product fulfillment workflow and notification
  • Multiple, configurable entry portals for segmented audiences
  • Credit card, PO and Bill Me payment options
  • Support for over 100 standard payment gateways
  • Customer specific pricing
  • US sales tax support
  • Coupons
  • Express checkout

Social Collaboration Features:  None found

Mobile Features: 

  • Delivery to tablets, readers,  smartphones via device browser
  • No apps

Gamification Features: 

  • Side by side student vs. peer group comparisons in user dashboard
  • eLogic Learning will design and develop custom mobile and eLearning gamification custom content

Globalization Features: None found


  • Cloud/SaaS Hosting (ISO 27001, Level 1 Category 5 Data Center) or self-hosted application
  • Scalable from 500 to 500,000 users


  • Tin Can, SCORM, AICC support
  • HRIS, Payroll, CRM, Portal, Single Sign-On integrations via 11 available web services


  • Integrated Ad-Hoc reporting from Izenda
  • Scheduled and delivered reports
  • User progress dashboards with peer comparison
  • Exception reporting

Links to Case Studies on Extended Enterprise Learning:

  • Belimo Customer Training — HVAC manufacturer using eLogic Learning eSSential LMS to train its customers, partners, installers, construction firms, project managers, and distributors of their products as well as their internal employees.
  • Bert Rodgers Schools  –Selling real estate training to over 60,000 real estate agents, appraisers and brokers via eLogic Learning eSsential LMS.
  • Primerica — Delivering and managing learning for independent insurance agents with eLogic Learning’s eSSential LMS.
  • Vitera Healthcare Solutions — Delivering new client training for end-to-end clinical and financial technology solutions with eLogic Learning’s eSSential LMS.
  • Massage Envy Spa – Using eLogic Learning’s eSSential LMS to train more than 980 franchises in 49 states.

Position Papers or Videos on Extended Enterprise Learning:  None found

Links to Online Demos of LMS:

Extended Enterprise In the News –2014:  None found

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