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Talented Learning LMS Reviews


There are many companies globally that provide some flavor of learning management system (LMS).  To find the right LMS solution is tough to do without guidance.  To find the right extended enterprise LMS is virtually impossible — until now.  Welcome to Talented Learning’s LMS Reviews.

The purpose of these reviews is to research, categorize and summarize high level information about LMS vendors.  We’ll find out definitively if they have a specialty in any of the types of extended enterprise learning technology solutions.  If so, we’ll document everything we can and keep researching to uncover deep functional, technical and business capabilities.

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Association LMS

Extended Enterprise and/or Internal Employee LMS


Extended and Internal LMS Integrated into Talent Suite

Public Sector or Government Extended Enterprise LMS


Do You Need Help Selecting a LMS?

Are you shopping for a new or replacement LMS and overwhelmed by all the choices?  We can help!  With 14 years of LMS experience, Talented Learning is expert at defining the business case, identifying requirements, shortlisting vendors, conducting the RFP, scripted vendor demonstrations and negotiating the best deal. Fill out the form below to contact us for more information.

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