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Top Reasons for Training Content Syndication - Customer Ed Nuggets 13

Even with the arrival of innovative generative AI tools, developing great customer education content is a costly, time-consuming endeavor. What’s more, whenever you publish new content, it starts losing value the moment its timeliness and relevance start to fade. This is why many organizations turn to content syndication to maximize the value of online learning. By distributing instructional content through numerous third-party channels, you can reach a much broader audience in a highly efficient, cost-effective way.

Why exactly is content syndication so appealing for customer education organizations? How can you make the most of this strategy? Find out on this 13th episode of the Talented Learning Customer Ed Nuggets Podcast series!


Tamer Ali, Co-Founder and Director of Authentic Learning Labs - on the Talented Learning Show podcastToday’s Guest Expert

I can’t think of a more qualified person to discuss this topic with me than today’s guest, Tamer Ali. As Co-Founder and Director of Authentic Learning Labs, Tamer has extensive experience in helping learning organizations of all types design and deploy successful content syndication strategies. He’s also a regular guest on our sister podcast, The Talented Learning Show. And as you’ll discover here, Tamer and Authentic are breaking new ground in the rapidly evolving field of API-centric content syndication.


What is Training Content Syndication?

Content syndication is the process of repurposing and republishing various types of digital content across multiple platforms, websites or learning systems. This enables organizations to reach a larger audience, elevate brand visibility and drive new revenues by sharing valuable, relevant content with audiences they would otherwise miss.

The goal is to gain more business value out of every piece of content you create. This can include any combination of podcasts, news articles, blog posts, videos, learning materials, courses, certifications, or other types of content you distribute through syndication channels.


Top 10 Reasons for Content Syndication in Customer Education

Customer education leaders syndicate content for numerous reasons. These are 10 of the most compelling business benefits to expect from a content syndication strategy:

1. Extend Your Content Validity Window — Content is good only for so long. Get the most out of it while you can by sharing it as widely as possible and as quickly as possible.

2. Expand Brand Awareness, Visibility and Reach — This is the classic rationale for the rise of syndication in broadcast television, radio and print publications. It remains just as appropriate today in the context of online instruction.

3. Customers Want to Deliver Your Content — Do you serve enterprise-level companies, associations or other large entities? These organizations usually have at least one learning management system in place, and would prefer to redistribute your content through their own LMS, rather than sending learners to you.

4. Enable Business Partners — Syndicating your content through partner channels (such as resellers, wholesalers and retailers) is a powerful move. This can strengthen these business relationships and give you access to new complementary markets. It also makes it possible to engage and inform end customers more effectively.

5. Accelerate Global Growth — Want to expand your geographic footprint and grow new markets? Content syndication is an easier way to reach new potential customers at scale, through channels they already know, use and trust.

6. Monetize Your Content — To create new revenue streams, sell certifications or other training content via aggregators like OpenSesame, Go1, LinkedIn Learning or BizLibrary.

7. Offer Learning in the Flow of Work — Meet your customers at the point of need. Syndication makes it possible to provide access to learning outside of an LMS, but inside proprietary websites or third-party applications like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

8. Increase Organic Web Traffic — More content in more locations improves visibility for your brand in search results by improving your SEO keyword results, elevating page position and boosting site authority. Ultimately, this drives more traffic from Saint Google and other search engines.

9. Find New Customers — More eyes on your content means more leads. And more leads ultimately mean more new customers.

10. Build Future Demand — By sharing your content with schools and universities, you can educate the next generation of potential customers and build top-of-the-funnel brand awareness, interest, preference and demand.


Watch This Episode of Customer Ed Nuggets

These 10 reasons for syndicating customer education content are all valid and they’re not-mutually exclusive. Obviously, the potential upside is significant. But all reasons are not equal.

Which benefits are most important to consider? To find out which benefits Tamer and I believe are most critical, tune into this brief video…

If you’d prefer to listen to our conversation, tune in to the audio version of this Customer Ed Nuggets podcast right here at


The Bottom Line on Training Content Syndication

Syndication is a numbers game — and a rather simple one at that. If you create solid content and get more eyes on it, you can move an endless number of business metrics in a positive direction. Above all, for every piece of content you redistribute, you can expect to see more satisfied, successful and profitable customers. And eventually, that positive customer experience leads to more prospects, more new customers and even more revenue coming your way.

Are you new to content syndication? You don’t need to go all-in at once. Instead, start small and test it with a targeted list of channels. Once you establish proof of concept, you can build incrementally over time. So if you have content worth sharing, what are you waiting for?


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