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  • Accessplanit Managing Director Dave Evans explains what learning professionals should know about the characteristics that set a CRM platform apart from an LMS, and the benefits of using a CRM to support marketing and sales.

  • The LMS Almanac defines corporate LMS market trends, types of corporate LMSs, business uses, feature and functions, hosting models, license models, service and support models, return on investment and provides real-life examples of all.

  • Learning management systems didn’t die.  They evolved, and today we recognize them. Brief LMS History Corporate LMSs were invented almost 30 years ago to manage and report on the training and compliance of their employees and contractors.  They were expensive to purchase, implement, maintain, host, upgrade and replace.  Much of the investment was upfront and [...]

    Published On: November 18, 2015Categories: Buying Learning Systems, Extended Enterprise, In the News
  • For LMS, instead of a having nothing, Workday chose to identify quality LMS partners, primarily Saba and Cornerstone, to provide that piece of the solution if LMS was important to the opportunity.

    Published On: October 9, 2015Categories: Extended Enterprise, In the News, Learning Systems
  • The emphasis on the bridging “Skills Gap” has put new life into workforce development programs globally -- and no matter what size of a population you’re targeting, in a modern world, an online platform and delivery option has to be considered – gone are the days of just meeting with a counselor to develop a plan and then sit in a classroom.

  • By collecting skill endorsements and recommendations from your network and posting content, comments, presentations, awards, articles, certifications and other relevant data, you create a historical profile of credibility that other users recognize and value – and more so every day with a growing base of more than 610 million LinkedIn users in more than 200 countries.

  • LMS vendors were never threatened by Skillsoft’s Skillport LMS but now with the SumTotal LMS, it’s a different story.

    Published On: August 26, 2014Categories: Buying Learning Systems, In the News, LMS Business Case
  • Gamification is extremely relevant for extended enterprise solutions because the users participate voluntarily and anything you can do to make the experience and content engaging and sticky is key.

    Published On: May 8, 2014Categories: Gamification, In the News, xAPI (Tin Can)




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