• Unlike a paper-based certification, a digital badge is embedded with relevant “metadata” such as the badge title, description, date earned, issuer, recipient, expiration date and even specific details about the work submitted by the recipient.

  • Selling accredited educational content to members and managing their other learning activities generates non-dues revenue -- which is increasingly important for association success.

    Published On: August 15, 2016Categories: Association Learning, Buying Learning Systems
  • Learning management systems didn’t die.  They evolved, and today we recognize them. Brief LMS History Corporate LMSs were invented almost 30 years ago to manage and report on the training and compliance of their employees and contractors.  They were expensive to purchase, implement, maintain, host, upgrade and replace.  Much of the investment was upfront and [...]

    Published On: November 18, 2015Categories: Buying Learning Systems, Extended Enterprise, In the News
  • An LMS vendor must derive the majority of its revenue from association clients, and publish top-notch client case studies on its website as proof of excellence in serving member-based organizations.

    Published On: October 1, 2015Categories: Association Learning, Buying Learning Systems, Continuing Education
  • Association LMS systems are similar to employee LMSs but have richer features sets to attract voluntary learners and members, build a community, integrate with an AMS and sell complex continuing education.

    Published On: September 25, 2015Categories: Association Learning, Buying Learning Systems, Learning Systems
  • Unique LMS differentiation is based on varying combinations of the LMS vendor’s experience, services provided, regional focus, industries served, functional capabilities, technical sturdiness, license approach, and ongoing support provided.

  • Individuals are ultimately responsible to know their own ongoing continuing education requirements, take the required training, maintain ongoing proof of completion and submit to appropriate accreditation body to maintain their license or certification.

  • nternational Parking Institute utilizes Docebo to train, certify, measure and report on learning for parking professionals from member organizations in every industry globally.

    Published On: July 23, 2014Categories: Association Learning, Buying Learning Systems, LMS Business Case
  • Saba is the first extended enterprise webinar or whitepaper by one of the large integrated talent management providers in 2014.

    Published On: May 2, 2014Categories: Learning Systems, LMS Reviews
  •  TOPYX is an entry-level, easy to set up and maintain social LMS for internal employee and/or extended enterprise applications; their target markets are global, small-to-medium sized businesses, associations and public organizations.

    Published On: April 15, 2014Categories: Learning Systems, LMS Reviews
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