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LMS Review - TOPYX LMS by Interactyx

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What is a social LMS you may ask?  In the case of TOPYX, it’s a modern, cloud-based LMS with deep, user-friendly integrated social collaboration features — included in the base price.  TOPYX is an entry-level, easy to set up and maintain social LMS for internal employee and/or extended enterprise applications. Their target markets are global, small-to-medium sized businesses, associations and public organizations. (Just mentally replace the Ys in TOPYX and Interactyx with an “i” and you will know how to pronounce it.)  They claim over 10,000,000 users of their social LMS.

Yesterday, I wrote about The 3 LMS Licensing Models and TOPYX falls into the Annual License category with a twist.  They charge $22,500/year per and they don’t count users or monitor bandwidth. This fee provides unlimited user eLearning management, social learning, mobile access, branding and reporting and free implementation. For additional annual fees you can add languages, ecommerce, integrations and other premium features. Even with all options in, it seems like a good deal for the extended enterprise where its hard to predict usage and a really good deal if you have tens of thousands or more users.

They have solutions and corporate focus in 4 out of 5 types of extended enterprise learning technology solutions including channel, ecommerce, associations and the public sector.

The TOPYX LMS is simple, intuitive and loaded with social features that are threaded into course, class, public social media, chats and discussion.  With the “friends” capability, the experience is a blend between Facebook and LMS.  Younger generations of workers and learners will appreciate the more social nature of learning vs. a traditional LMS.

If you are not ready for social learning or if you are a large organization and have complex learning management needs, business workflows, compliance needs and usage scenarios, then TOPYX will probably fall short for you.  Otherwise, keep reading.

My assessment — TOPYX is a good extended enterprise LMS especially if it is your first LMS.  They are strong on social, ecommerce, core eLearning management and reporting and provide turnkey entry into extended enterprise learning that will make you look professional and progressive to your channel, members and customers.  The unlimited use license is rare in the industry, and if you can make the product work for you, you can really take advantage of the arrangement.


TOPYX Social LMS Extended Enterprise Vitals



Twitter: @interactyx

Contact Information:

Extended Enterprise Ready:  Yes

Types of Extended Enterprise Expertise Learning Supported:


  • Core LMS with integrated social features is easy to set up and provides unlimited user no hassle use
  • One price regardless of audience size provides the best ROI and best value

Licensing and Certification Features:

  • Learning path, program and certificate management
  • Accreditation management

Adaptive Learning Features:

  • Configurable, role-based access
  • Learner, instructor, administrator and manager core roles can be used to create unlimited custom roles
  • Ability to assign several roles to a single user allowing for content functionality and content targeting
  • Manage user sign-up options to obtain as much or as little info as needed
  • Simple user import feature, supporting .xls and .csv file formats
  • Roles can be passed through Single Sign-on and API for easy management

eCommerce Features:  Robust, modern ecommerce features include:

  • Shopping carts
  • Button library
  • Pre log-in catalog
  • Sponsor links
  • Multi-currency
  • Cover flow catalog
  • Organization pricing
  • Marketing tiles
  • License agreement option
  • Coupons
  • Any merchant account integration
  • Integrates with for governmental and public sector ecommerce extended enterprise!

State and Global Taxation Features:  None found

Social Collaboration Features: When you brand yourselves the Social LMS, you would expect to see a list of available features in core product configuration like this one:

  • Communities for site, subject, program, courses, materials, user groups and learning path
  • Allow users to share their social profile feeds, photos, and bios within their profile
  • Users need to friend each other to see deeper information
  • Rate and review content
  • Web conference – video, screen sharing, record
  • Chat
  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Articles
  • Polls
  • Blogs
  • Shoutbox
  • Pictures
  • Documents
  • Forums
  • Marketing Tiles
  • Sponsor Links
  • Cover Flow

Mobile Features:  Responsive design for use on any device with a browser

Gamification Features:  None found

Globalization Features: 

  • 12 language localizations available including left-to-right and top-to-bottom languages
  • Multi-currency ecommerce



  • NET TOPYX platform API for Single Sign On and sharing of data
  • Plug in compatibility with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GoTo Meeting, 3rd party mail and more


  • User dashboards
  • Scheduled reports
  • Core, highly configurable reports as well as ad-hoc capability
  • Google Analytics integration for in-depth site statistics of audience, demographics and behaviors
  • Mobile reports

Links to Case Studies on Extended Enterprise Learning:  None found

Position Papers or Videos on Extended Enterprise Learning:

Links to Online Demos of TOPYX Social LMS:

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