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LMS Reviews: NetDimensions Learning

Talented Learning LMS Reviews

The NetDimensions Talent Suite solution comes at it from a global perspective.  Headquartered in Hong Kong and traded on the London Stock Exchange, NetDimensions has clients and feet on the street all over the globe.  The LMS portion of their product is called NetDimensions Learning.  NetDimensions Learning is a LMS for organizations in high consequence industries with tough regulatory requirements such as energy, pharma, airlines, healthcare and government.

NetDimensions  is in the group of long standing LMS companies that was not acquired by the large players.  Like most companies in that group, they don’t have the complete hire-to-fire Talent suite of products, but they have an extremely powerful learning and performance management system. Historically, NetDimensions had a tight focus on extended enterprise learning, but they currently downplay that in lieu of integrated talent management.  There is however, links on their main Solutions menu for extended enterprise and ecommerce leading to decent information.

To support the extended enterprise, NetDimensions has global, mobile, enterprise reporting, ecommerce, domains, Software Developers Kit (SDK), and social collaboration functionality.  NetDimensions also has an internal group that provides portal development services to create super tailored front ends for the LMS.  The product is straightforward, easy-to-use, yet lacks some of the sizzle of the newer players with things like gamification and taxation.

My Assessment — I like NetDimensions and have first hand knowledge of their prowess in extended enterprise.  I competed against them many times over the years.   Disappointing to us at Talented Learning, they appear though to have doubled down on chasing the integrated talent management solutions for employees vs. expanding the extended enterprise functionality.  However, I would definitely include NetDimensions in the vendor evaluation mix if I had an extended enterprise project targeted at any global highly regulated industry.


NetDimensions Extended Enterprise Vitals


LMS Name:  NetDimensions Learning (part of the NetDimensions Talent Suite)


Twitter:  @NetDimensions

Contact Information:

Extended Enterprise Ready:  Yes

Types of Extended Enterprise Expertise Supported:

  • Channel
  • Customer
  • Association

Business Problems NetDimensions Solves:

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of managing and training extended enterprise channels
  • Minimize complexity related to delivery and scheduling of training for geographically distributed participants
  • Obtain consistent data collection and reporting of training throughout all channels – streamline reporting
  • Send out consistent training materials and information on a timely and scheduled basis
  • Provide training in localized languages
  • Improve adoption rates of new product features and upgrades
  • Manage registration and scheduling, class follow up, assessments and evaluations, as well as reporting
  • Track compliance and ensure that proper operating procedures are followed
  • Certify partner, franchise, supplier, distributor and contractor knowledge

Licensing and Certification:

  • Certification management for multiple certifications
  • Track online certification requirements, validity periods and schedules, external audits, and individual certifications
  • Communicate that the required online licensing training is needed and monitor all certification management activity
  • Distribute certification requirements and the program guide through multiple channels
  • Complete industry-standard accreditation
  • Test employee knowledge in a simulated, certification-testing environment for workforce readiness
  • Allow individuals the convenience of obtaining online certification and online licensing

e-Commerce Features:

  • Make bulk pre-purchases and thus enjoy group discounts for training
  • Allow the organization to pre-pay for specific training for its members – pre-purchase training
  • Make payments online, through one of several payment gateway options – credit card payment gateways include Chase Paymentech Solutions and Asia Payment Systems, Inc., as well as PayPal Payflow Pro.
  • Purchase a set of tokens for its employees or members, who may, in turn, draw from the organization’s pool of tokens to enroll in courses
  • Allow users to present a coupon and be automatically enrolled in the course with the coupon payment scheme

Taxation Features:  None found

Social Collaboration Features:

  • On-demand access to learning reference resources anytime & anywhere
  • Knowledge sharing through document repositories and discussion forums
  • Learner-generated content via learning program ratings and comments
  • Find-the-expert functionality with people search and communications via chat or mail
  • Communities of practice based on learning groups and chat rooms

Mobile Features: 

  • Responsive Design for automatic sizing based on device
  • Local LMS on USB stick
  • Basic iOS and Android app
  • mLearning content development services

Gamification Features:  None found

Adaptive Learning Features:  

  • Standard user role with custom field targeted of learning and functionality

Globalization Features: 

  • 35 Language localizations
  • Global implementation and support teams in North America, Europe, Hong Kong and Australia


  • Secure SaaS (private Cloud Hosting) and on-premise deployments
  • Open SDK
  • Scalable to 500,000 users

Links to Case Studies or Position Papers on Extended Enterprise Learning: The following extended enterprise case studies were found on the website.

Links to Online Demos of LMS:

  • I could not find any demonstrations or videos showing extended enterprise capability.   You must contact them to speak to a representative to get a demo it appears.
  • They do have a YouTube channel with about a dozen videos.  Most of them are informational Power Point webinars about performance management but there is some demonstration at the tail end of those presentations to give you a quick glimpse of the actual product and administration, but it is all focused on integrated talent management and not extended enterprise.
  • I did find this video from a 3rd party that shows a custom front end accessing NetDimensions LMS on the back end that shows the power of the API.

In the News –2014:  

  • Here is a really great press release about NetDimension’s donating their LMS to LINGOs to provide innovative Word Press portals tied to NetDimensions LMS for humanitarian organizations.


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About Talented Learning LMS Reviews

Talented Learning’s LMS reviews provide initial screening of vendors for extended enterprise suitability based solely on the publicly available information.  Vendors have lots of information on their websites, public demos, private demos, case studies, position papers, press releases and social media sites.  We review and summarize all of this information to determine if a vendor has a focus on extended enterprise learning technology, where that focus is and what type of solutions they provide. We’ll then follow up and really dig into the information so you don’t have to.  If we find a LMS vendor to be purely internal LMS focused, we’ll document that also and follow up with them in subsequent phases.



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  1. Hi John,

    Thank you for including us in your review. Let us know if you need any supporting or additional information about NetDimensions Learning or NetDimensions Talent Suite. However, one small correction please: our name is “NetDimensions” (without a space).

    Best regards,

    -Alex Poulos
    NetDimensions CMO

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