• NPV is the difference between a project's present value for every year of cash inflows (typically from revenue or savings), and the present value for every year of cash outflows (usually expenses) that support the project.

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  • Most associations are naturally positioned to succeed with reinvented member education programs because they're already widely known and respected in their industry.

  • LMS implementation is generally much faster, cheaper and easier than it was a decade ago, thanks largely to the massive shift toward cloud-based applications.

  • We obsess about every facet of the LMS market so our clients can more effectively attract, engage and educate learning audiences of all types – B2B and B2C customers, channel partners and contractors, employees, association members, continuing education students and the public-at-large.

  • ASAE is also the place to be if you're interested in new association learning technology; each year, the variety of tools displayed in the vendor expo grows deeper and more expansive.

  • The key to success is a process that compares qualified vendors on an apples-to-apples basis, which is why we communicate requirements in a structured request for proposal (RFP).

  • You've been scanning inbound email messages for important updates when suddenly a new subject line catches your eye: "Request for Proposal: LMS for ABC Corporation." A qualified business opportunity is knocking at your door! You greet the news with a mix of excitement and dread. This is a moment your sales team should relish. But preparing [...]

  • While the "setup–show–recap" method requires more effort than the "spray and pray" approach, prospects should recognize that you've mapped their pain points to relevant use cases.

  • If each audience has highly specific needs, an all-purpose solution may be only marginally effective, at best.

  • From a practical and political perspective, choosing an extended enterprise LMS independent of HR or L&D is often easier than pursuing a one-LMS-for-all solution.




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