• Supply chain training isn't for the faint of heart; these partner networks are some of the most advanced ecosystems in the extended enterprise learning world.

  • Why is it essential to train channel partners? What if you extend that to your entire industry? Learn from one of the construction industry's most successful co-ops on The Talented Learning Show!

  • How exactly do channel training networks drive sales performance? And how can you engage partner employees in product education? Listen to The Talented Learning Show!

  • The sooner your customers find value from using your product or service, the longer they're likely to stay, and the more likely they are to continuing investing in your brand. 

    Published On: February 20, 2018Categories: Customer Learning, Extended Enterprise
  • Nearly 12 years ago, the company launched the Salesforce AppExchange as a one-stop-shop for third-party solutions that extend and enhance the platform's core functionality.

  • Here's the most important distinction to keep in mind: Departments that care about educating external audiences are not investing in these programs because compliance rules require it but because these learning programs lead to a direct, measurable business impact.

  • ntegrating training workflows and data with customer and sales-related data elevates training from a cost center to a profit center, because it helps prove the business value of learning.

    Published On: October 16, 2015Categories: Channel Learning, Customer Learning, LMS Business Case
  • An organization’s channel partners can include resellers, value-added resellers, dealers, franchisees, distributors, developers – any third-party sales professional that represents your brand on your behalf; the channel acts as an extension of your internal salesforce.

    Published On: March 4, 2014Categories: Channel Learning, Extended Enterprise, Franchise/Dealer




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