• If you're a forward-thinking training provider, you'll want to pay attention to the following advice from top digital training providers and technology innovators.

    Published On: September 1, 2021Categories: Continuing Education, Marketing Tips for Learning Pros, Training Companies
  • Already, AI advances are racing ahead, with technologies like 5G and blockchain paving the way for other innovations like the Internet of Things, real-time analytics and more.

    Published On: February 12, 2020Categories: Cloud LMS, LMS Requirements, LMS Trends
  • Most associations are naturally positioned to succeed with reinvented member education programs because they're already widely known and respected in their industry.

  • Which elearning trends are top-of-mind for L&D professionals in 2019? How do these trends differ around the world? And how are they shifting? Listen to The Talented Learning Show!

    Published On: March 20, 2019Categories: Employee Learning, Learning Systems, Talented Learning Show Podcast
  • Going forward, it's unlikely that LXP/LEP platforms will displace full-fledged learning systems; there's no incentive for LXP/LEP vendors to add complex compliance and extended enterprise functionality to their solutions.

    Published On: January 8, 2019Categories: Buying Learning Systems, Extended Enterprise, Learning Systems
  • Many organizations that sell specialized content, such as associations and continuing education providers, are moving to tightly integrated content/LMS applications.

    Published On: July 31, 2018Categories: Extended Enterprise, Learning Systems, LMS Requirements
  • Despite competitive pressure to keep price points lower, we expect licensing levels to continue drifting upwards, as vendors attempt to demonstrate value-add that differentiates their offerings.

    Published On: January 9, 2018Categories: Learning Systems
  • Recognizing the futility of direct competition, specialty LMS vendors learned to focus on a particular audience, industry or other factors where they now claim competence and fight for customers in that niche.

    Published On: October 4, 2017Categories: Employee Learning, Learning Systems, LMS Integration
  • Competition abounds from for-profit training companies, academia and subject matter experts for the sale of continuing education lessening the grip associations have on their target professionals.

  • The broader, global "learning platform" market has many specialized verticals based on intended business use -- including employee, customer, student, member or commercial training applications.




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