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LMS eCommerce: B2C and B2B Feature Sets

October 25, 2015

  Selling online learning content is a huge and rapidly growing business.  Corporations, associations, universities, training companies, public institutions and individual subject matter experts are all creating and selling content on [...more...]

5 New Extended Enterprise LMS Webinars this Fall!

August 27, 2015

I’ve been researching the global LMS market place for over 15 years –first as an LMS sales guy for 13 years and now as the lead learning technology analyst at Talented Learning.  In the last 20 months, I have personally reviewed 92 LMS [...more...]

LMS Reviews: YM Learning (Formerly Digital Ignite)

July 21, 2015

  The Digital Ignite Crowd Wisdom™ LMS is a pure extended enterprise LMS and is extremely cool.  They have left employee learning management behind with the other 599 LMS vendors and they focus on measurable learning technology solutions [...more...]

A Cloud LMS By Any Other Name

August 15, 2014

“It is nor Social , nor Mobile  Nor NextGen, nor Gamified, Nor any other LMS Belonging to the Cloud. O, be some other name! What’s in a name?   That which we call a Cloud LMS  By any other name would be so sweet? “ [...more...]

LMS Reviews: Docebo LMS

June 2, 2014

Here is a hypothetical scenario — your company just developed a new hi-tech diagnostic control for automobiles and put you in charge to find a way to certify 1347 global technicians working for 300 of your channel partners across North [...more...]

LMS Reviews: Saba Learning@Work

May 2, 2014

Saba has been in extended enterprise solutions since the beginning of the LMS industry.  I saw my first Saba presentation 15 years ago when they presented to us at Wilson Learning on how we could support our many global clients with their LMS.  A [...more...]

LMS Reviews: Interactyx’s TOPYX Social LMS

April 15, 2014

What is a social LMS you may ask?  In TOPYX’s case, its a modern, cloud-based LMS with deep, usable and integrated social collaboration features  — included in the base price.  TOPYX by Interactyx is an entry level, easy to setup and [...more...]