• What do medical professionals need in a learning platform? What does it take to provide a successful healthcare LMS? Find out on this episode of The Talented Learning Show...

  • What role does collaborative learning play in improving neonatal care around the world? How do medical practitioners benefit from community-based continuous process improvement? Listen to The Talented Learning Show!

  • CEU training providers need a learning platform that helps manage all facets of this complex business, and modern LMS providers are beginning to respond with flexible, sophisticated business solutions.

    Published On: April 26, 2017Categories: Continuing Education, eCommerce, LMS Integration, LMS Requirements
  • An LMS vendor must derive the majority of its revenue from association clients, and publish top-notch client case studies on its website as proof of excellence in serving member-based organizations.

    Published On: October 1, 2015Categories: Association Learning, Buying Learning Systems, Continuing Education
  • Individuals are ultimately responsible to know their own ongoing continuing education requirements, take the required training, maintain ongoing proof of completion and submit to appropriate accreditation body to maintain their license or certification.

  • With each incremental accrediting jurisdiction the problem compounds and becomes so complicated that many organizations can’t use a commercially available LMS to manage CEUs but rather are forced to cobble together spreadsheets, home-grown custom systems, specialized commercial CE trackers and manual processes to bridge the gap, connect the data and ensure compliance. 

  • In the accounting industry, most accounting firms set up a National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) license and grant continuing professional education (CPE) credit based on the NASBA standards, rather than maintain the complex CPE rules of each state




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