Podcast Interviews

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Make Your Story More Accessible to More People

Nothing is more powerful than a simple conversation, delivered through a highly available medium like podcasting. That’s why we launched The Talented Learning Show early in 2018. And right from the start, these high-value, low-hype interviews were a hit.

Every few weeks, our Lead Analyst, John Leh, goes one-on-one for 30 minutes with learning innovators and practitioners from all corners of the learning community. And audience response metrics confirm that these audio sessions are a go-to resource for professionals who care about extended enterprise learning.

Bring New Life To Your Message

Our sessions tackle today’s hottest topics with the industry’s most authoritative voices. We also discuss lessons learned with the unsung heroes behind innovative programs and solutions. That’s a natural opportunity to feature your best customers, front-and-center.

To understand how we frame each episode, check these examples:


An Interview Is Just The Beginning

When you sponsor an episode of The Talented Learning Show, you’re signing up for much more than an audio interview with John Leh. You get a complete production and communications package, managed by the Talented Learning team. That includes everything from topic development and script guidance, to interview editing and packaging, to custom branding and promotion.

On go-live day, we publish a blog post that summarizes key points from the interview, along with an embedded audio file. Simultaneously, the show is broadcast through our podcast channels, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play Music and others.

Why Sponsor an Episode?

Even if you’ve never produced a podcast, this is a no-risk opportunity to build brand awareness with a standalone recording, or in combination with a webinar or white paper. Key benefits:

  • Gain exposure of the industry’s most popular learning systems podcast
  • Position your brand as a domain leader by giving customers a conversational forum to share their success stories.
  • Expand your marketing reach to 50,000+ Talented Learning email subscribers and social media followers.
  • Gain access to the massive audiences of our podcast network providers.
  • Engage with listeners for 30 minutes – anywhere and anytime they choose.
  • Extend the impact of this content over time by creatively repurposing the audio and transcript.


What to Expect: Podcast Interviews


We work hand-in-hand with you to develop and produce a professional audio interview. Then we package, deliver and promote the episode on our blog, on podcast channels and on social media.


Every podcast is supported by a mix of content production and promotion:


  • A 30-minute edited audio interview with one of your customers, partners or executives on The Talented Learning Show – hosted by John Leh
  • A written podcast showcase post on the Talented Learning blog
  • Custom feature imagery to promote on websites and social media channels


  • Targeted email blast to the Talented Learning subscriber list
  • Simultaneous distribution through all Talented Learning podcast partner networks
  • Ongoing promotion through Talented Learning social channels and affiliates


Connect More Deeply Through Podcasts

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