Case Study Development

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Every Solution Has a Story

Software buyers love case studies – and we do, too. Customer stories bring learning solutions to life in a way that no other marketing materials can touch. Yet, extended enterprise cases are surprisingly hard to find in the learning systems marketplace.

We’re here to change all that. We want to shine a bright light on the business value of customer and partner education, commercial training and continuing education. And we want learning professionals to know how technology contributes to those results.

Amplify Your Message

There’s no better way to develop brand credibility than customer stories. Their proof points carry the same impact as a customer reference call, but in a lasting written narrative that you can reuse in multiple ways. For instance:

  • Showcase a collection of downloadable case studies on your website
  • Add lead-capture forms to identify interested prospects
  • Spread the word through social media and onsite calls-to-action
  • Repurpose case content in blog posts
  • Produce standalone case briefs as sales collateral
  • Pull customer quotes for use in other marketing materials

If your customers want to tell their story, just let us know – and we’ll do the rest!


What to Expect: Case Studies


Our analysts briefly interview 3-4 key vendor and customer contacts by telephone to gather relevant facts and background information. Then, we develop a case draft for review and comment. After we update the draft, you’ll receive a final version for distribution through multiple channels.


You’ll receive a professionally written case study that outlines your customer’s business situation and learning challenges, the technology solution and relevant results. Final document length = 1,000 – 1,500 words.

Media Placement: What to Expect

Looking for maximum communications reach? Our case study specialists are also available to pitch your customer stories to relevant blogs and industry publications.

Media placement has tremendous potential to increase brand visibility and credibility. A published story can put your message in front of tens of thousands of print and online readers who may face similar challenges. In addition, some publishers link directly to your website, which improves your search engine rank.


Let Us Tell Your Story

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