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Podcast Episode 1: How Learning Systems Advisory Services Add Value – With John Llamas

When and how do organizations benefit from relying on a learning systems provider for advisory and consulting services? Join guest John Llamas and our Lead Analyst John Leh for the first episode of The Talented Learning Show.

What is the value of learning systems advisory services? Talented Learning Podcast with learning tech analyst John Leh


Do you want to learn from experts about how to achieve more with learning solutions that serve employees, customers, channel partners and others in your organization’s value chain?  This podcast is for you!

On a regular basis, I’ll be interviewing some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of extended enterprise learning – vendor executives, consultants, customers and more.  And I invite you to join me on this path of discovery.

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In this 30-minute session, we look at why and when businesses should rely on learning technology developers for strategic guidance.  Specifically, we discuss how organizations can benefit from professional services that dig deeper than traditional technology implementation and support.

My guest understands this concept first-hand.  He is John Llamas, a Principal Consultant of Thought Leadership and Advisory Services at Cornerstone OnDemand.


When and how do organizations benefit from relying on a learning systems provider for advisory and consulting services?

Business-minded learning technology consultants can add value in multiple ways before, during and after new solutions are deployed. For example, they know how to help you…

  • Clarify relevant objectives, success metrics and operational practices that lead to desired outcomes;
  • Redirect programs when an implementation loses focus or isn’t achieving intended results;
  • Analyze and interpret data in actionable ways, with intelligence that informs continuous, sustainable improvement.

After drilling down on these three topics, John also briefly shares his thoughts about the future of learning technology — in particular, the top trends he expects will become more important and others that are likely to fade.


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Extended Enterprise Learning:  Is Your Strategy Ready for a Refresh?

We’ll help you refresh your customer, channel partner and other externally-focused learning initiatives for better business results. You’ll learn how to:

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