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Talented Learning has over 18 years of experience of planning, selling, buying and deploying extended enterprise eLearning and LMS initiatives.  As an LMS senior sales and marketing executive, our CEO John Leh, competed in over 500 LMS and eLearning RFPs, won over a hundred and generated $50,000,000 in revenue.  We know every step of the technology procurement process, every vendor and every requirement and we want to be your trusted adviser.

Here are main areas of consulting focus:

Buying an LMS? — You should never purchase a learning management system or talent management system without an experienced consultant to help you.  There are so many vendors, solutions, marketing, salespeople and evolving technology out there it’s really impossible to get it all sorted out and choose the right vendor.  That’s where we come in. We’ll help you at every step from defining requirements, selecting a vendor to measuring success.

Vendor Services — It’s tough out there for LMS vendors with droves and droves of competition.  It’s easy to get stuck competing against the same group of competitors with highly competitive solutions, more customers, longer histories, broader market exposure and cheaper pricing.  Talented Learning can help you get that competitive edge and help you beat Cornerstone.  

Keynote Speaking — Do you want a fun and engaging keynote speaker for your next event?  Do you need to educate your sales team or executive team on current or future trends in learning and technology?  John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, has been speaking to large and small groups for over 20 years.  Consider inviting John to be your next keynote speaker.