• The broader, global "learning platform" market has many specialized verticals based on intended business use -- including employee, customer, student, member or commercial training applications.

  • Basic global LMS features are good for entry-level widespread employee training solutions, but they quickly hit the wall when multiple regional business offices need to administer, teach and learn.

    Published On: May 23, 2017Categories: Buying Learning Systems, Globalization, LMS Requirements
  • At any moment, employees, partners or customers somewhere in the world need access to relevant learning content that helps them perform more effectively; is your LMS ready?

  • Employee learning platforms were created to support mandatory compliance training and talent development, and they must provide a learning experience that feels convenient, comfortable, personalized and trustworthy.

  • The "traditional LMS" is a loose term associated with learning platforms that require a mandatory, formal setup/implementation process.

    Published On: April 18, 2017Categories: Buying Learning Systems, Cloud LMS, LMS Demos, LMS Implementation
  • Corporations, associations, public institutions – as well as solopreneurs and subject matter experts who've never designed or delivered training in their lives – all are creating and selling online content at an unprecedented pace.

  • With a registration model, usage calculations can be based on any of several metrics:  how many users log into the LMS, register for an instructor-led class or webinar, buy content or earn a certification. 

  • At Talented Learning, we help all kinds of organizations big and small find the right LMS for their needs.  With 13 years in LMS sales and now nearly 3 years as LMS selection consultants, we’ve been directly involved in $65,000,000 worth of LMS selling and buying. Through practical, front-line experience, we've identified the information and steps that [...]

    Published On: November 30, 2016Categories: Association Learning, Buying Learning Systems, Learning Systems
  • RFPs help buyers get organized, formalize requirements, evaluate vendors logically, create a historical record and show vendors you are serious.  

    Published On: September 26, 2016Categories: Buying Learning Systems, LMS Business Case, LMS Requirements
  • Selling accredited educational content to members and managing their other learning activities generates non-dues revenue -- which is increasingly important for association success.

    Published On: August 15, 2016Categories: Association Learning, Buying Learning Systems




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