• It's our job to evolve and adapt the program in a way that helps franchisees meet their objectives, while keeping in mind that we want to put out the best training we can to support DQ brand objectives.

  • Certainly, many LMSs position themselves as "good for anything you need," but the majority have trended intentionally or accidentally towards being "really good at something specific."

  • Over the last decade, many associations slowly started to transform their offerings, so some (but rarely all) of their education, certification and test prep became available online via an LMS. Meanwhile, many for-profit continuing education providers were born in the digital age.

  • Learn how training companies are moving to digital-first/digital-all education offerings, as we talk with Ashish Rangnekar, CEO of BenchPrep on this episode of The Talented Learning Show Podcast...

  • Extended enterprise LMSs are the system of choice for organizations to train their prospects, customers and partners, but also for training companies, associations and any other entity that is selling content as a core business.

  • Which LMS requirements are vital for training and certification in business-to-business-to-business (B2B2B) environments? What's the fastest route to success? Listen to The Talented Learning Show!

  • While following these stories of digital transformation, we've discovered many valuable tools and services that are available at no cost in response to Covid-19.

  • I'm beginning to think that an astonishing number of L&D practitioners aren't paying attention to today’s most promising organizational learning trend.

  • Open source is gaining ground as a foundation for business-oriented learning systems. What's driving this shift? And what does it mean for proprietary LMS platforms? Listen to The Talented Learning Show!

  • However, as Amazon sees it, people with soft skills will also need at least some technical acumen if they want to play a valuable role in advancing the company's agenda.

    Published On: November 26, 2019Categories: Continuing Education, Employee Learning, Workforce Development




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