• If you're a forward-thinking training provider, you'll want to pay attention to the following advice from top digital training providers and technology innovators.

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  • Over the last decade, many associations slowly started to transform their offerings, so some (but rarely all) of their education, certification and test prep became available online via an LMS. Meanwhile, many for-profit continuing education providers were born in the digital age.

  • How is innovation shaping the future of member-based organizations? And which association technology trends are making the most impact? Listen to The Talented Learning Show!

  • How is innovative learning technology opening doors to profitable new business models for member-based organizations? What association LMS trends are making a difference? Listen to the Talented Learning Show!

  • Depending upon your organization's existing AMS infrastructure and learning requirements, the ideal solution may be one of four AMS-LMS integration strategies.

  • Consider creating training modules which are, in effect, focus group vehicles. Introduce your customers to the product ideas you are considering through online training, and leverage embedded surveys, quizzes, social media, and mobile enablement technologies to have conversations with your customers.

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  • A common value proposition you will hear from your employee LMS provider is that there are economies of scale in licensing, maintenance and implementation, so from a cost standpoint, it makes sense to expand the existing LMS to external audiences.

  • Caspio is a great case study about how extended enterprise learning is different from employee learning. All through the process, marketing, learning and technology work together to attract, entice and engage me, so that I was nearly purchased this solution. 

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