White Paper Development

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Every successful solution provider knows the importance of market education. However, building a convincing case can be tough – especially when complex learning challenges and innovative technologies are involved.

That’s why thoughtful, in-depth commentary from a trusted industry advisor can make all the difference. And it’s why vendors choose custom white papers from Talented Learning.

Set the Right Context for Buyers

Content marketing choices are vast, but marketing budgets are limited. Every decision counts. So, how do you know if a white paper is the right tool for the job?

Think about the questions your prospects ask. Will a blog post or research brief provide enough insight and guidance? On the other hand, a full-blown ebook may be too lengthy or slick.

This is when a white paper can fill the gap with “just enough” authoritative detail and clarity. Plus, when your white paper is written by a trusted industry source, it’s likely to draw even more interest and leads from discerning technology buyers.

Add Substance To Your Message

When you choose Talented Learning as a white paper partner, we’ll work with you to identify one or more critical factors that influence your target market’s purchasing decisions. We’ll rigorously examine related perceptions, realities and trends. Then we’ll develop a narrative that explores these issues and opportunities and from a pragmatic expert’s point of view.

If the project scope warrants, we’ll also spearhead relevant primary research (such as a “voice of the customer” audit). This kind of analysis adds dimension to secondary research, especially if qualitative data is scarce or inconclusive.

We’ll also work with your graphics team to structure and package the content in a way that honors your brand guidelines. And if custom artwork is needed to illustrate key concepts, we’ll provide creative design direction, including visual wireframes or storyboards.

Extend Your Content Reach and Lifespan

With a white paper by Talented Learning, you get a persuasive, high-value document that your organization can be proud to distribute and repurpose in countless ways.

These are just a few of the white papers we’ve developed:


What to Expect: White Paper Development


Our analysts will work collaboratively with you throughout content conceptualization, development and production. Typical project steps:

  • Explore, suggest and select target topic ideas
  • Outline document sections, logic flow and tone
  • Recommend and conduct primary or secondary research
  • Document primary research findings separately, if appropriate
  • Draft a full v1 narrative in MSWord for review and comment
  • Develop a full v2 in MSWord format, based on v1 feedback
  • Produce final version PDF format, with embedded links, visual direction and notes for client design/production team
  • Review final formatted document to identify and resolve open items


You’ll receive a professionally written narrative that thoroughly investigates your chosen topic against the backdrop of today’s dynamic extended enterprise learning landscape.

Our final white paper length is usually 3,500-5,000 words, depending on the breadth and depth required for a coherent, complete treatment of the topic.


Lead the Market Conversation

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