Research Notes Development

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Are you preparing to launch an innovative new learning solution or reposition an existing solution? When you face strategic milestones like these, an independent analyst’s opinion can pave the way. That’s exactly why we offer Research Notes.

Set the Stage for Market Acceptance or Growth

If you don’t yet have a large user base, it may be too soon to develop complete customer success stories. However, this is an important time to illustrate the value of your solution for potential customers and others in the learning community-at-large.

Talented Learning Research Notes briefly examine a slice of the learning technology landscape as it relates to your product offering.

We independently investigate issues and benefits associated with early customer scenarios. This analysis may be punctuated by comments from interviews we conduct with pre-release users, third-party market influencers or both. The final document can be used in your sales, marketing or broader communications process.

Shape Market Understanding

Whatever the learning technology topic, our analysts are prepared to bring an informed voice and supporting background evidence to discuss your approach and its role in the evolving extended enterprise landscape.

All of our Research Notes are produced in a standard template that reflects the Talented Learning brand. For instance, this is a recent example:


What to Expect: Research Notes


Our analysts will work collaboratively with you to select subject matter framing that will serve as a suitable backdrop. Then we’ll conduct independent primary and secondary research as a foundation for the brief. Depending upon the target topic, our research may include one or more of the following activities:

  • Customer interviews
  • Business partner interviews
  • Hands-on technology evaluation
  • Vendor literature review
  • Comparative solution analysis


We’ll publish a written narrative that:

  • Introduces the core subject
  • Summarizes our research findings
  • Discusses implications for extended enterprise learning
  • Outlines our opinion of your technology’s contribution in this context

Our published Research Notes are usually 2,000-3,500 words in length, depending on the level of detail needed to cover the topic appropriately.

As we develop the brief, you’ll receive a “working” draft in Microsoft Word format for your factual review and comment. Also, before we publish the document, we’ll share a final editorial review version with you in PDF format, to verify that all open items have been resolved.


Clarify Your Position

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