Lights, Camera, Action. It’s Software Demo Time!

If you’re not closing deals that seem like a sure thing, you may want to consider a LMS software demo analysis from Talented Learning experts. A thorough software demo analysis will highlight areas of the demo process where an improvement can make an impact.

Your Demo: Reinforced, Refreshed or Fully Reimagined

Seeing is believing. And as highly experienced software selection consultants, we know exactly what software buyers want to see in a demo. We also know the pitfalls that put you at risk of losing a sale. So you can count on us for practical advice as an outcome of our software demo analysis.

What’s your demo objective?

  • Modify messaging to emphasize your unique value proposition
  • Focus on your platform’s extended enterprise strengths
  • Add flair and personality to your script
  • Pinpoint and resolve specific weaknesses throughout
  • Transform a “training exercise” into a guided tour that validates your solution
  • Build topic modules that adapt to various timeframes


What to Expect: Software Demo Analysis


Our analysts will review and evaluate up to 3 hours of recorded presentation content from one of your recent unsuccessful business opportunities. This can include any combination of product, technical, Q&A and use case demos.  Our software demo analysis will focus on:

  • Presentation flow
  • Introduction and wrap up
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Adherence to directions
  • Content substance, completeness, clarity and style
  • Demo strategy
  • Believability factor
  • Handling questions
  • Brand messaging and points of differentiation
  • Treatment of pricing and other critical issues
  • Quality of persuasive “extras” such as humor or other engagement
  • Other elements that characterize strong proposals


You’ll receive detailed feedback and a step-by-step blueprint to raise your demo game. This includes:

  • A complete written report that consolidates all demo comments and suggestions, along with corresponding time indicators for easy reference
  • A 2-hour virtual debriefing session, supported by a slide presentation. This session gives your team an opportunity to discuss questions about our recommendations as well as the mini-demo examples.


Get Your Demo Ready for Prime Time

To learn more about how our demo analysis services can put the sizzle in your sales presentation, submit the form below and we’ll schedule a preliminary phone consultation at your convenience




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