Solution Benchmark + Competitive Analysis Services

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The learning systems landscape is notoriously fierce – especially now. With more than 1000 possible competitors and countless ways to slice and dice the market, it’s tough to know if your solution is heading in the right direction.

Flying Blind is Risky Business

Too often, we see product positioning based on incomplete intelligence and inaccurate assumptions. How do your capabilities really compare with competitors? Does your positioning differentiate you where it counts? Which product improvements will make the biggest impact?

Our independent competitive analysis and benchmark analysis will help you answer these questions and more. This collaborative process is designed to provide the perspective you need to solidify your position, clarify your roadmap and move forward with confidence.

Along the way, you’ll gain a more complete understanding of market preferences, competitive dynamics and your product’s ideal fit in today’s complex learning technology space. Plus, you’ll walk away with practical insights you can immediately apply to strategic decisions and tactical plans.


What to Expect: Benchmark + Competitive Analysis


Our experienced learning systems industry analysts will examine your solution through a rigorous discovery process that includes:

  • Website and social media audit
  • Personal interviews with executives, marketing and sales staff
  • Comprehensive capabilities survey
  • Use-case solution demonstrations
  • Documentation review
  • Hands-on self-guided evaluation of your solution

We’ll consider all facets of your offering, including existing product functionality, technical infrastructure, sales, support and marketing.


You’ll receive a customized, comprehensive Solution Benchmark and Competitive Analysis Report that includes:

  • Solution strengths, weaknesses and differentiation points
  • Competitive analysis focused on relevant solution categories
  • Market segmentation – best profiles to pursue and avoid
  • Analysis and rating of your solution (and competitors) based on 30 key functional, technical, service and licensing criteria
  • Top 10 recommendations to improve your market position


Put More Power Behind Your Positioning

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