There are over 1000 global LMS vendors and it is impossible to research them all on your own.  At Talented Learning, we spend our lives meeting and learning about new LMS vendors so we can provide you the best vendor options based on your business needs.  With our LMS Vendor Shorlisting service we listen to your needs and save you time, money and effort by pointing you in the right direction.

Talented Learning LMS Vendor Shortlisting Service includes:

  • Talented Learning will provide your with our proprietary “Homework Survey” to collect the relevant information about your business and LMS requirements. The survey will include organizations, use case, technical, functional, professional service and support question areas.
  • Upon receipt of completed survey, Talented Learning will conduct a 90-120 minute telephone interview with your stakeholders to confirm data on the survey and ask clarifying questions.
  • Within 48 hours, Talented Learning will provide your a shortlist of the top 4 matching vendors in a matrix spreadsheet format showing the four shortlisted vendors and their adherence to identified critical requirements.
  • Talented Learning will make a warm email introductions to a senior executive of each of the recommended shortlist vendors.

Fixed Cost:  $5,000

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