• NPV is the difference between a project's present value for every year of cash inflows (typically from revenue or savings), and the present value for every year of cash outflows (usually expenses) that support the project.

    Published On: December 11, 2019Categories: Buying Learning Systems, LMS Business Case, LMS License, LMS Requirements
  • It is foolish to pay more than you have to and get nothing in return but it is impossible to know if you are overpaying if you first don't define your LMS requirements. 

  • Making sure your LMS selection team is on the same page in regards to implementation/configuration needs will allow a buying organization to quickly disqualify many vendor options without the labor of investing a ton of time.

  • Associations, training companies, corporate channel, customer and other extended enterprise buyers can create any number – hundreds of thousands even – of active ongoing accounts but a buying organization only pays for active usage.

  • If you're spending time regularly deactivating users so you don’t have to pay incremental license fees, you are definitely paying too much for your learning platform.

    Published On: September 9, 2014Categories: Buying Learning Systems, Extended Enterprise, LMS License



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