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Access “Economics of LMS Replacement” Recorded Webinar

The Economics of LMS Replacement - On-demand Webinar with Learning Tech Analyst, John Leh

Stuck with a learning management system that no longer meets your needs? Join Talented Learning Lead Analyst and CEO, John Leh, as he shows you how to take charge of the LMS replacement process and lead your organization into the modern learning age.

You’ll get insider perspectives and research-backed insights to help you overcome internal inertia, speak the language of business executives and get approval to replace your LMS. Specifically, you learn how to:

    • Analyze what you’re currently spending (and why)
    • Define what you need in a new LMS
    • Outline the best license model for your intended use
    • Develop realistic budget expectations
    • Create a business case your stakeholders can support
    • Find vendor intelligence you can trust

You can instantly access the “Economics of LMS Replacement” webinar recording by filling out the form below: