Access “Channel Learning: Six Areas of Innovation”

Channel learning technology - six areas of LMS innovation - webinar

Training for external channel partners is no longer a new idea. Many businesses now consider it a source of competitive advantage. But too many organizations try to use an employee-focused learning platform for sales channel education, and too often it fails.

Channel partners and their employees have unique training needs. These partners typically represent products from multiple manufacturers or suppliers, and they’re bombarded with information from all sides. Your organization must stand out or risk losing partner mindshare – and ultimately, sales.

Business partners need easy access to content that helps them:

  • Learn about products and services more quickly,
  • Manage their representatives more efficiently and
  • Sell more effectively.

Above all, they need evidence that participating in your training program has a favorable impact their core business.

So, what are the key differences between a channel and employee LMS – and how can the latest advances in partner-centered learning technology work to your benefit?

Join John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst of Talented Learning, and Brett Strauss, President of Media Defined, as they discuss real-world channel learning challenges, success stories and best practices in partner learning technology. These experienced, enthusiastic channel learning advocates discuss key business, functional and technical differences that set channel LMS solutions apart from employee-oriented platforms, and explore the role that innovation is playing in moving the partner learning agenda forward.

This fast-paced conversation is packed with fresh technology insights and practical advice you can use to make your channel learning program a winner.