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The Extended Enterprise Learning Goldmine

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 – 1-2 p.m. ET

Educating external audiences can be a lucrative business strategy. But what does it take to tap into this goldmine? Join our Lead Analyst John Leh and Docebo CRO Alessio Artuffo as they look closely at what sets successful business cases apart.

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How to Spark High-Impact Learning: A Modern Skills Development Model

What kind of learning experiences actually drive employee loyalty and business performance? Join our Lead Analyst, John Leh, and guest expert, Paul Morton, as they explore what really works – and how you can apply it in your own organization!

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How to Cultivate Sustainable Business Growth Through Customer Education

What does it take to build a successful customer education program that grows with your business? How can you win executive approval for this approach? Join our Lead Analyst John Leh and guest experts Bill Cushard and Khalid Shaikh, as they explore customer training models that make a lasting business impact.

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LMS Selection Step-by-Step

With hundreds of learning systems available today, finding the right LMS for your unique extended enterprise needs can be tricky. What exactly should you do to choose the best solution?

Walk step-by-step through a real-world example with John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning. With so much at stake, you’ll soon discover it’s worth the extra effort to get your game plan in place, right from the start.

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The Power of Partner Education: How Strong Brands Lead Through Learning

What does it take to gain mindshare among busy channel sales reps? And how can you transform them into devoted champions for your brand? Join our Lead Analyst, John Leh, as he leads a discussion with partner education experts who have successfully leveraged partner learning strategies to expand market reach and revenue!

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How Extended Enterprise Learning Drives Growth

What does it take to expand extended enterprise learning programs, even as your company grows? Find out now in a roundtable discussion with experts who’ve made it work – hosted by our Lead Analyst, John Leh!

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Putting the Pieces Together – How to Create Integrated Learning Experiences

How can organizations develop work skills and knowledge in today’s fluid, fast-paced business environment? Even the most extensive course library isn’t enough to meet learners on their terms. Learn best practices and explore real-world examples in this engaging session.

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To Charge or Not to Charge? Strategies for Pricing Customer Training

The more customers know about a product or service, the more successful their brand experience will be. But how much should you charge for customer education? Join the experts as they clarify two critical aspects of customer training economics: pricing, packaging.

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How to Capture Lifelong Learners: Expert Roundtable

How can continuing education providers make it easier for professionals to connect with the right resources, so they can overcome the uncertainty and complexity typically associated with lifelong learning? Find out from a panel of experts…

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How to Drive Online Learning at Scale: Corporate Market Strategies for Associations

Is your association ready to expand its online learning content reach and revenues? Learn how successful organizations sell training to the corporate market. Join this free panel of experts hosted by our Lead Analyst, John Leh.

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How to Build Successful Learning Experiences: Lessons From Non-Profits and Associations

What exactly does it take for non-profits and associations to create learning experiences that engage, retain, inform and influence constituents? Learn from real-world examples in this online roundtable with experts from top organizations.

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Franchise Performance and the Modern LMS – Blueprint for Business Success

How can training innovation improve performance for you and your franchise partners? Learn how some of the world’s top franchising organizations map learning programs with business strategy to improve business results!

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Customer Education Meets Customer Success – Creating Value Through Integration

How can your customer learning initiatives drive more business value? Find out how organizations are seamlessly integrating their learning platform with to gain and sustain a competitive advantage.

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Extended Enterprise Learning:  Is Your Strategy Ready for a Refresh?

How can you rethink externally-focused learning initiatives for better business outcomes? Learn how to assess content needs and position appropriate for external audiences, as well as how to leverage innovative technologies to drive engagement, measure success and improve results.

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All Sessions Now Available On-Demand!

LMS Success - Fall Webinar Series featuring John Leh Lead Analyst Talented Learning, Sep-Nov 2017If you missed our live web events in September, October or November, you can still join our season of learning technology success!

Continuing on the heels of our popular “Summer of Learning” webinars, we lined-up four more information-packed webinars.

This series is designed to help you make the most of your technology investments — whether you train employees, customers, business partners, association members, or the general public.

Just click a link below to experience the on-demand sessions!

Now Available On-Demand (Recorded Oct 26, 2017)

How to Succeed with Extended Enterprise Education — Strategies for Learning Engagement

(Sponsored by Litmos)

Now Available On-Demand (Recorded Oct 5, 2017)

Unhappy With Your LMS? Don’t Ditch It. Augment It!

(Sponsored by Training Orchestra)

Now Available On-Demand (Recorded Sep 21, 2017)

The Power of Professional Development — How to Succeed with Continuing Education

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All Sessions Now Available On-Demand!

Custom Learning Experiences: When No LMS Will Do

Summer webinar series - Top learning tech challenges with analyst John Leh(Recorded July 2017)
When an out-of-the-box LMS can’t meet your commercial training objectives, what kind of solution will (work best for your business?

(Sponsored by Extension Engine)

Outside the Internal Training Box: Extending Your Learning Reach Beyond Employees

(Recorded June 2017)
How can you leverage corporate learning technology to move beyond an “employees only” mentality? What’s the best way to engage and educate diverse audiences, simultaneously?

(Sponsored by Expertus)

Secrets of Global LMS Success: The Most Overlooked Corporate Learning Essentials

(Recorded June 2017) Your training business is always open. At any moment, employees, partners or customers somewhere in the world need access to relevant learning content. How can you be sure your LMS will be ready?

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What LMS trends matter most this year? Free webinar replay with independent analyst John Leh

The LMS Meets 2017: Trends to Watch

In recent years, innovation has radically redefined the term “LMS.” How can you make sense of this complex world, where more than 700 learning platforms already compete for your business? Our Lead Analyst John Leh helps you prepare for what’s ahead.

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LMS Evaluation; Expert's Guide to Better Learning Tech ChoicesLMS Evaluation: Guide to Better Learning Tech Choices

With the brisk pace of innovation, learning platform choices are staggering. And with so many options, finding the best solution can be a lengthy, mind-numbing chore. What’s the fastest path between you and an LMS that elevates learning programs?

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How do you build a profitable learning business that scales? Webinar ReplayPaving the Way to a Profitable Learning Business

There’s never been a better time to expand your business reach and revenue through online training. But what kind of infrastructure is best as a foundation for delivering online courses? And how can you minimize growing pains when demand for learning content increases?

(Sponsored by Thought Industries)


How associations can use digital badges to bridge the skills gapUsing Digital Badges to Close the Skills Gap

Today’s workforce is caught in a relentless skills gap that grows wider each year.  How can associations help turn the tide? Join Talented Learning Lead Analyst John Leh and WBT Systems CTO Linda Bowers as they explore digital badge fundamentals.

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Insider's Guide to LMS Selection Success

The Insider’s Guide to LMS Selection Success

The LMS landscape is crowded, complex and difficult for potential buyers to navigate. What factors should learning technology buyers consider for a more efficient, effective selection process?

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Webinar Replay: How to Succeed at Extended Enterprise Education - with independent LMS analyst John LehThe Competitive Advantage of an Externally Focused LMS

What are the business benefits of a specialized learning management system (rather than an employee-oriented LMS) to support customer and partner learning initiatives?

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Do you need to replace your LMS? Learning tech analyst John Leh explains how to calculate costs and benefits in this webinar replayEconomics of LMS Replacement: Keys to a Winning Game Plan

Stuck with a learning management system that no longer meets your needs? Learn how to take charge of the LMS replacement budget and process, so you can lead your organization into the modern learning age.

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Channel Learning: 6 Areas of Innovation

What are the key differences between an employee LMS and platforms designed for channel education? Learn how the latest advances in partner-centered learning technology work to your benefit in driving partner performance.

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LMS Implementation:  What Every Buyer Must Know

In today’s LMS market, implementation has become a key differentiator. Yet making a bad (or overly expensive) choice is all too easy. So, how do you choose the level of service you actually need?

(Sponsored by eLogic Learning)



How to pick an LMS for association learning programsHow to Select an Association LMS

Associations have unique requirements to support member education programs. Yet many organizations struggle with traditional employee-oriented LMSs. Learn how to find a better solution.

(Sponsored by WBT Systems)



Continuing Education on-demand webinar - Best practices in Managing Complex CEUs - with learning tech analyst John LehBest Practices for Managing Complex CEUs

Do you struggle with the challenges of managing continuing education? So do many others. Discover how what you should know to manage CEU offerings more efficiently and effectively in today’s environment.

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