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The Insider’s Guide to LMS Selection Success

2/16/17 — Access the webinar recording here.
(Sponsored by Docebo)

The LMS landscape is crowded, complex and difficult for potential buyers to navigate. What should learning technology buyers do?

Join Talented Learning Lead Analyst John Leh and Docebo North American Sales Director Corey Marcel as they explain what you should know before you choose the right LMS for your organization. You will learn:

  • What an effective LMS selection process looks like
  • The factors that matter most in choosing a learning platform
  • Where to find the most reliable LMS vendor intelligence, and
  • How to avoid common LMS selection missteps

If you’re selecting a new LMS in 2017 (or are only just starting to think about it), this is the webinar for you!


The LMS Meets 2017: Trends to Watch

1/27/2017 — Access the webinar recording here.

In recent years, innovation has radically redefined the term “LMS.” Yet even as organizations replace old-school learning management systems with next-generation alternatives, exciting new solutions continue to emerge.

What does it all mean? How can you make sense of this complex world, where more than 700 learning platforms already compete for your business? Join John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst of Talented Learning, for his annual LMS market review — including key trends and vendors to watch.

In this information-packed session, John draws upon intelligence from more than 3 years of relevant research and consulting, as he shares an independent snapshot of:

    • Today’s diverse learning solutions landscape
    • What trends are driving LMS development and buying decisions
    • Which vendors are leading in each LMS category
    • How innovation is shaping market dynamics
    • What buyers should expect to see as 2017 unfolds


The Competitive Advantage of an Externally Focused LMS

11/4/16 — Access the webinar recording here.
(Sponsored by Litmos)

What are the business benefits of choosing a specialized learning management system (rather than an employee-oriented LMS) to support customer learning initiatives?

Join John Leh, Talented Learning lead analyst and CEO, and Terry Lydon, VP of Training Operations Projects at Litmos, as they explain the value of choosing an externally focused LMS. Specifically, they discuss:

    • How to quantify the benefits of customer learning
    • Which factors set a customer LMS apart from employee-focused platforms
    • What case studies reveal about the value of customer learning technology
    • How to find the best LMS for your customers’ needs, and
    • 5 areas of innovation unique to customer LMS solutions


The Economics of LMS Replacement: Keys to a Winning Game Plan

9/29/16 — Access the webinar recording here.

Stuck with a learning management system that no longer meets your needs? Join Talented Learning Lead Analyst and CEO, John Leh, as he shows you how to take charge of the LMS replacement process and lead your organization into the modern learning age.

You’ll get insider perspectives and research-backed insights to help you overcome internal inertia, speak the language of business executives and get approval to replace your LMS. Specifically, you learn how to:

    • Analyze what you’re currently spending (and why)
    • Define what you need in a new LMS
    • Outline the best license model for your intended use
    • Develop realistic budget expectations
    • Create a business case your stakeholders can support
    • Find vendor intelligence you can trust


Channel Learning: Six Areas of Innovation

9/13/16 — Access the webinar recording here.
(Sponsored by Media Defined (makers of NetExam)

Channel partners and their employees have unique training needs. These partners typically represent products from multiple manufacturers or suppliers, and they’re bombarded with information from all sides. Your organization must stand out or risk losing partner mindshare – and ultimately, sales.

So, what are the key differences between a channel and employee LMS – and how can the latest advances in partner-centered learning technology work to your benefit?

Join John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst of Talented Learning, and Brett Strauss, President of Media Defined, as they discuss real-world channel learning challenges, success stories and best practices in partner learning technology.

These experienced, enthusiastic channel learning advocates discuss key business, functional and technical differences that set channel LMS solutions apart from employee-oriented platforms, and explore the role that innovation is playing in moving the partner learning agenda forward.


LMS Implementation:  What Every Buyer Must Know

6/30/2016 — Access the webinar recording here.
(Sponsored by eLogic Learning)

Are you shopping for a learning management system (or even just thinking about it) but are confused or overwhelmed by all the set-up options available to you? You’ve probably seen that some vendors offer free implementation, while others charge up to $75,000 or more. With such a wide price variation, and with so much at stake, which amount makes sense?

In today’s market, implementation has become a key differentiator. Yet making a bad choice is all too easy. So how do you choose the level of service you actually need?

Join John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst of Talented Learning as he discusses what learning organizations need to know about LMS implementation in 2016. In this free webinar, you’ll get practical guidance on how to find the ideal LMS partner from a field of more than 700 vendors. You’ll also learn:

    • Pricing for key LMS categories and implementation levels
    • What to expect from each level of implementation
    • Why implementation fees vary so dramatically
    • The perils of investing too much or too little in LMS implementation
    • How to select the best vendor for your unique implementation needs


How to Save Time and Money While Choosing the Right Learning Management System

5/13/16 — Access the webinar recording here.

Overwhelmed by the idea of searching among 700 LMS vendors for the perfect fit? How successful is your organization’s track record in selecting learning technology that meets your needs? What missteps or oversights would you like to avoid in your next purchasing cycle? How do you keep from overpaying — or under buying?

Our clients often struggle with these the same questions. That’s exactly why we developed the LMS Almanac: Corporate Edition 2016 – an independent, cost-effective guide to simplify the complex LMS selection process, save you money, and (more importantly) help you find the perfect tech partner.

How does the LMS Almanac make that possible? Take a virtual tour with John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst of Talented Learning, as he goes under the cover of our recently completed LMS Almanac.

He’ll show you 5 ways to use the LMS Almanac to save time and money while finding the right learning platform for your organization’s unique needs. If you are in the market for an LMS, this webinar will put you on the path to selection success.


State of the 2016 LMS Marketplace

4/22/16 — Access the webinar recording here.

Are you trying to understand the 2016 LMS market and the hundreds of LMS options? You’re not alone. In fact, most LMS buyers and sellers feel overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Join John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst of Talented Learning, as he sorts it all out for you.

With the emergence of cloud LMS providers, the market has shifted from behemoth generalists to nimble specialists. Gone are the two oceans of academic and corporate LMSs replaced by 675+ ponds of specialization.

Over the last two years, John has reviewed and analyzed solutions from 111 LMS vendors (and counting), after 13 years as a sales executive at high-end LMS companies. John has applied his expertise to determine that there is an ideal LMS for every industry, business need, organizational size and budget.

In this fast-paced webinar, John discusses what today’s LMS buyers should know:

    • Top 5 trends driving the LMS marketplace
    • 4 Types of 2016 LMS solutions
    • Common and unique feature sets
    • 20+ Real life case studies


How to Select an Association LMS (Not a Corporate LMS)

3/30/2016 — Access the webinar recording here.
(Sponsored by WBT Systems)

Struggling to get your LMS to work well for your association staff and members? If so, you probably own a corporate LMS — not a platform designed for association learning. But with nearly 700 vendors in today’s market, choosing a better solution can be challenging!

Of all learning platforms, association LMSs are the most unique. Many features — from AMS integration and ecommerce, to webinar management and support for social and mobile learning — are more vital in an association context than they are with employee learning platforms. What’s more, associations want vendors with hard-core experience with the association community.

Join John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, and Linda Bowers, CTO of WBT Systems as they discuss:

    • How to distinguish an LMS designed for employees versus associations
    • Basics of defining learning technology requirements for your association
    • How to determine an appropriate level of implementation services
    • 3-Step LMS selection process
    • Real-world case studies


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