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Customer Education LMS

Not every learning system is designed to be a customer education LMS.

I’ve met hundreds of LMS, LXP and other learning system vendors over the last nine years since founding Talented Learning. Most, if not statistically all, like to think they are perfect for more scenarios than they really are – including customer education.

It’s easy for vendors to unintentionally (or intentionally) blur the “we’ve done it and we can do it” line within the marketing and sales process. And, it’s easy for buyers of customer education LMSs to be confused.

The Challenge of Buying a Customer Education LMS

Because customer education can mean everything from simply sending a trainer, conducting virtual sessions, posting how-to videos or authoring a SCORM course to complex adaptation, training paths, simulations and certification – or all of the above – many vendors can be right about their customer education prowess… at least some of the time.

In addition to so many variations of customer education solutions, there are also many incremental differences between customer education LMSs and employee or academic use LMSs including:

  • Functionality including ecommerce, content creation and adaptive learning
  • Integrations such as CRM, AMS, customer service, multi-point SSO and microservices
  • Modern accessibility standards, globalization, remote content, business analytics and other technical considerations
  • Professional services offerings like content development and managed administration
  • Experience in customer education and highly scalable license models

In case you were wondering, there are no upsides to buying and deploying the wrong customer education LMS.

So where do you start?

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Customer Education LMS Case Studies – A Good Place to Start

Successful customer education LMS buyers follow a defined buying process starting with market research to learn what the most successful practitioners – and competitors – are doing with learning systems to benchmark what is probable, possible and measurable so they can create the most informed business case.

LMS vendor case studies are an ideal way to determine what a vendor is really good at. Why?

  • Case studies are difficult to obtain for vendors because customers first need to be super happy and successful with a vendor’s solution and want to help.
  • Most customers require organizational approval before publicly supporting any particular solution, so the customer needs to be so ecstatic that they invest the time and effort to seek permission for the vendor and work the case study through any legal or executive approval gates.
  • Case studies cost a fair amount of time, money and effort to produce and promote so vendors need to budget for and prioritize enabling and highlighting their customers’ success.

If a particular vendor has a lot of quality customer stories, it’s a good indication they are a quality vendor. If they have a lot of case studies similar to your own customer education LMS needs, you are in the right place.

Top Customer Education LMS Case Studies

For some great examples of customer education LMSs in action in different industries, regions and use cases, check out our list of the top 10 customer education LMS case studies. For each case study we link to the case study categorized in our brand-new Case Study Directory and Living Vendor Profiles on the Talented Learning Center as well as directly to the client using their solution.

#1:  Boomi

LMS Vendor:  Absorb LMS

Boomi is a cloud-based integration platform that enables companies to easily integrate applications, partners, and customers via the web. Understanding the vital role product education would play in the company’s growth, the Boomi team developed the Boomiverse using Absorb Infuse. This experience-driven training and certification hub dedicated to all things Boomi increased both learner engagement and their certification rate.

#2:  Shopify

LMS Vendor:  Northpass

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform built to provide independent business owners with the tools needed to build, organize and manage an online store. Shopify runs 4 separate academies built on the Northpass platform, all tailored to different audiences. These powerful learning experiences have led to better customer retention and increased customer lifetime value.

#3:  Gainsight

LMS Vendor:  Skilljar

Gainsight is a Customer Success platform that aggregates and turns disparate customer data from multiple sources into a single source. By switching to Skilljar for a learning management system, Gainsight University realized the highest engagement volumes in company history, exceeding industry benchmarks by 3X.

#4: nCino

LMS Vendor:  Docebo

As the worldwide leader in cloud banking, nCino empowers financial institutions with scalable technology to help them achieve revenue growth, greater efficiency, cost savings and regulatory compliance. nCino developed a global on-demand product certification program with Docebo LMS for 40,000 customers, partners, and employees.

#5:  Onshape

LMS Vendor:  Thought Industries

Onshape is a computer-aided design (CAD) software company that combines CAD, built-in data management, real-time collaboration tools, and business analytics. By utilizing the Thought Industries customer training platform, OnShape was able to scale their customer onboarding program and improve customer retention quickly and effectively.


Do you want deep comparative data on the world’s top 40 learning systems vendors? Check out our 2023 Corporate Learning Systems Market Update report – now available for purchase and download! GET DETAILS HERE


#6: Craneware

LMS Vendor:  LearnUpon

Craneware, the leader in automated value cycle solutions, collaborates with all U.S. healthcare providers to plan, execute and monitor value-based economic performance so they can continue to drive better outcomes for the communities they serve. They wanted to develop an innovative online training certification program to enhance the customer experience. The Craneware Academy, built with LearnUpon LMS, boosted retention by training 650+ customers in one year.

#7: Hewlett Packard

LMS Vendor: SAP Litmos

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a large provider of hardware cloud services that make IT environments more efficient and productive. HPE’s customer training division chose to move from its former learning system onto SAP Litmos because the platform offered many sophisticated features and enabled them to generate more than $200 million training dollars.

#8: MuleSoft

Service Provider: Learndot

MuleSoft is a provider of the leading platform for building application networks. MuleSoft makes it easy to connect the world’s applications, data and devices. With Learndot by Service Rocket, MuleSoft was able to build a best-in-class training function that included highly engaging multiple modes of learning. Their unified platform provides learners with a single place for product learning and has encouraged renewals for the company.

#9:  QSR Automations

LMS Vendor:  Sciolytix

QSR Automations is the global leader in restaurant technology, serving up solutions that range from kitchen display systems to table management & hardware. With Sciolytix, QSR Automations saves time delivering training to their customers and reduces calls to their help desk.

#10:  Bonfire

LMS Vendor:  Northpass

Bonfire is the go-to technology for procurement professionals, helping them maintain compliance, shorten evaluation times, and improve transparency. With Northpass, Bonfire was able to scale its academy, improving learning experiences for its customers and reducing the number of support tickets. 


Buying a customer education LMS is easy if you know where to start looking. These 10 customer education case studies are a good starting point to learn about relevant challenges, requirements and available vendor solutions.

Want to learn from more than 100 LMS case studies of all kinds? Visit our new Case Study Directory, available to all Talented Learning Basic Members. (Join now – it’s free!)


About the Talented Learning Case Study Directory

We’ve been busy finding, summarizing,  and tagging over 100 LMS case studies in our newly updated Talented Learning Center Case Study Directory. No matter what type of LMS you’re searching for, you can find relevant case studies in our directory!

Recently, our team has been busy finding, summarizing, producing and categorizing more than 100 LMS case studies in our newly-updated Talented Learning Center Case Study Directory. And now, every story in this collection is freely available to Talented Learning Basic Members.

In this Case Study Directory you can search and filter stories by any of these criteria:

  • Use case – including customer education, employee training, academic instruction, commercial training business scenarios and more
  • LMS functionality mentioned in any case study
  • Vendor name and learning system type
  • Professional services provided
  • Vendor location and industry domain expertise

I invite you to join Talented Learning Center as a free Basic Member for access to our ever-growing directory of customer education LMS case studies.

Thanks for reading!

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