Social Learning Experiences: Making Better Connections

It’s no secret – recently social media has had a rough ride. So why should we celebrate technologies that enable social learning experiences? Maybe the answer lies in the beauty of a simple human truth: “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” -Bill Nye Think about that for a moment. After a decade of affordable high-speed internet access, smartphones, mobile apps and social networks, it’s easy to take our digital connections for granted. Yet there’s no denying that technology introduces us to countless people we would otherwise never meet. And each of those people has the potential to teach us something new. In a sense, we’re all part of a grand social learning experiment. Sure, we’re bound to hit some speed bumps along the way. But clearly, this is powerful stuff. Are We Socializing Responsibly? Of course, the true value of social learning experiences depends on whether we keep our minds open to new ideas. Each of us has the responsibility to show up. And each of us must choose when, where and how we’ll engage. Which leads me to another question:  When was the last time you checked social media? What did you see the moment you logged in? … Continue reading Social Learning Experiences: Making Better Connections