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What presales customer education mistakes should you avoid? Learn about the top 3 pitfalls on this episode of Customer Ed Nuggets with independent learning tech analyst John Leh

Want to leverage presales customer education so you can more effectively attract and engage potential customers? Unsure about the line between marketing and learning?

Find out how to avoid common mistakes, so you can get better sales results. Check this inaugural episode of Customer Ed Nuggets, a new short-form podcast from Talented Learning!


Today’s Guest Expert

Today, I’m joined by customer education expert, Nick Eriksen, CTO and founder of Eurekos. Eurekos provides a tier 1 global customer education LMS solution, and Nick has deep knowledge of what it takes to design and deliver customer learning programs.


Business Benefits of Presales Education

The field of customer education involves much more than just onboarding new customers and telling them about product updates. It’s also about attracting potential clients with educational content, converting them into new customers and ensuring they’re happy and successful.

All this starts with effective presales education. There are multiple reasons why presales education is important. For example, you can:

  • Attract better-educated qualified leads
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Build brand recognition
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Disqualify prospects that aren’t a good fit for your offering

With all these benefits, you probably want to get started right away. But before you do, it’s important to think about mistakes that can jeopardize customer education momentum and results.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Educating Qualified Leads

Presales education can look a lot like marketing. It may include formal courses. But often, there’s a significant amount of informal content, delivered strategically on a “drip” basis, driven by what a company discovers over time about a potential customer’s interests, behaviors and needs.

This intelligence may come from multiple sources. For instance, data gathered about pages, videos and other digital content an individual views on the website, content downloaded or products an individual may previously have purchased.

Before Nick and I met for this podcast discussion, we brainstormed a list of 10 presales customer education mistakes we’ve seen:

Top 10 PreSales Customer Education Mistakes

  1. Neglecting market research
  2. Mispricing content
  3. Forgetting the power of “free”
  4. Lack of engaging content
  5. Not partnering with the marketing department
  6. Inadequate user experience for learners who voluntarily choose to engage (or not)
  7. No formal rationale or method for measuring ROI
  8. Lack of personalization
  9. Ignoring promotional outreach to build awareness
  10. No mechanism to collect and process learner feedback


Watch This Episode of Customer Ed Nuggets

After creating this list, we recorded the following unscripted 10-minute podcast. In this video, Nick and I focus on the top 3 mistakes. We describe each misstep, explain why it’s so important to avoid and share tips on how to get it right:

If you’d prefer to listen to our conversation, tune in to this Customer Ed Nuggets audio podcast right here at


The Bottom Line

There is nothing better than a well-educated, qualified lead. The best potential customers are motivated to learn about your products and services, so they can achieve their goals.

Often, prospects will invest the time and energy they need to make informed decisions. But they can’t succeed without your help. It pays to understand presales needs and interests, so you can deliver an educational experience that gets results.


About Customer Ed Nuggets

Hosted by Talented Learning CEO John Leh, the Customer Ed Nuggets podcast is a trusted source of advice, guidance and best practices for customer education professionals of all types. In this series of brief video and audio “nuggets” (each 10 minutes or less), I explore key topics with numerous guest experts.

Over time, we’ll explore all facets of customer education, from how to build a persuasive business case, to effective strategies, technologies and content that help professionals create, deploy and grow successful customer-centered programs.


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