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LMS Reviews: BlueVolt LMS

March 31, 2014

BlueVolt has some nice amperage with extended enterprise LMS distribution.  They get it and effectively marry learning with marketing.  Manufacturers, distributors, associations and service companies use the BlueVolt Learning Management System to [...more...]

The #1 Stupid Decision When Buying a LMS

March 27, 2014

I’m going to help you avoid the #1 stupid decision when buying a LMS or learning management system. I probably won’t make any new friends on the vendor side but you should listen to me because I sold and led sales teams selling over one [...more...]

LMS Reviews: SilkRoad GreenLight LMS

March 26, 2014

SilkRoad is an end-to-end talent management provider consisting of recruiting, on-boarding, performance, LMS and portal products.  As I went through the process of reviewing all the publicly available information about SilkRoad, I initially wrote [...more...]

LMS Vendor Eyes Only: Getting Past 1st Base

March 18, 2014

I’m an instructional technologist who sold learning management systems, focusing on the extended enterprise, for over 13 years.  I worked for two major LMS companies and both had LMS systems primarily designed for internal employee training with [...more...]

For LMS Vendors’ Closed Eyes Only: Wake Up!

March 10, 2014

Learning technology vendors, this post is for you. Extended enterprise learning technology is a big business in best-in-breed global commercial organizations, associations, content providers and public organizations.  From creating a a revenue [...more...]

You Don’t Have to See the Whole Staircase

March 2, 2014

When I told my wife my first Talented Learning blog post would be something involving the old quote “Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” she immediately quipped “That’s original.” Lack of creativity on my first post is an [...more...]
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