KKDraft Vendor Services: Software Sandbox Analysis

First Impressions Are Lasting

So, what exactly happens when new business prospects meet a working prototype of your learning system? Are you putting your best foot forward in demo sessions? And does that demo sandbox stand up to scrutiny?

Maybe it’s time for a reality check from professionals you can trust.

Does Your Sandbox Deliver on the Promise?

Our analysts have years of hands-on experience with software demos – both as sales professionals and as LMS selection consultants. We know how to create robust demo environments that speak to buyers on their terms. We know how to showcase solutions in their best light. And we’re ready to put that experience to work for you.

How would you elevate your demo environment?

  • Highlight your product’s extended enterprise benefits
  • Appeal directly to the interests of select vertical industries
  • Add a modern edge to a context that feels conventional or outdated
  • Bring energy and excitement to an otherwise generic demo flow

Whatever your goal, we’ve got you covered!

Software Sandbox Analysis: What to Expect


Our analysts will review and evaluate up to 3 hours of recorded demo presentation content from one of your recent unsuccessful business opportunities. We’ll also examine your demo site through a full-access administrator’s account.

Using this assessment as a foundation, we’ll develop two demo environments – each designed to appeal to decision-makers in a high-value vertical market of your choice.


You’ll receive all the elements you need to move forward:

  • Fully populated demo environment
  • Detailed demo guide that outlines user IDs, courses, reports and other elements specific to the target audience
  • Demo script, including recommended logic flow
  • Presentation of a live “in character” demo, so your team can observe our recommended approach, in action

Offer a Truly Compelling Demo Experience

To learn more about how our Sandbox Analysis Services can help you win more customers, submit the form below and we’ll schedule a preliminary phone consultation at your convenience