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Saba was acquired by Cornerstone in April of 2022. The intention at the time was to sunset the Saba platform and roll the clients into the Cornerstone solution. The reality proved to be much more difficult. Saba, a long-standing global solution, had thousands of clients – many of them with complex, global deployments. When compared to the CSOD solution, the Saba solution was often more full featured so Saba clients often have/had little appetite for migration fiscally, politically, functionally and time-wise.

As it stands, Cornerstone now supports both lines of LMS products. Instead of learning any lessons, Cornerstone doubled down on the acquisition strategy and purchased behemoth SumTotal – Saba’s and CSOD’s main competitor in the marketplace in late 2022.

The good news for Cornerstone is that by buying all their competitors that can support complex global LMS/TM requirements, there is little competition for these types of new sales opportunities.  The bad news for Cornerstone is that they now have to support and develop 3 parallel lines of product suites.

The good news for Saba and SumTotal clients? Options maybe. The bad news for Saba and SumTotal LMS clients? Option confusion, higher costs, new teams, new channels of communication, slower R&D on your legacy platform, and missed opportunity of the newer learner systems and strategies.


Saba Software Overview

The Saba Learning Management System (LMS) offers a comprehensive and versatile platform designed to facilitate efficient learning and development within organizations. With a user-friendly interface, robust course creation tools, and advanced analytics, Saba LMS empowers businesses to deliver engaging training content, track learner progress, and optimize learning outcomes. Its customizable features cater to various training needs, such as compliance training, skills development, and onboarding, while fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among learners. Saba LMS stands as a reliable solution for companies seeking to enhance their workforce’s skills and performance through a streamlined and effective digital learning experience.

Saba has more than 31 million users and 2,200 customers across 195 countries and 37 languages and now is wholly owned by Cornerstone.

Contact Info

2400 Bridge Parkway
Redwood Shores, CA

Founded: 1997



LMS Overview

LMS Product Name: Saba LMS
Typical Implementation Fees: $50,000 -$100,000

LMS Designed For

  • Internal employees
  • Customers and Prospects
  • Corporate channel, partner, dealer audiences
  • Associations and other member organizations
  • Sell content or continuing education

Top Three Industries

  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Please ignore the answer to this question. Our revenue comes from just every industry listed above.

Why Clients Buy

  • Industry experience
  • Customer service
  • Breadth of functionality


Saba LMS Product Review

Saba is probably the best of three CSOD LMS products. It is full-featured and can simultaneously support the needs of internal and external learning audiences.

The user experience is better, with an intuitive interface that makes navigation and course access seamless for both learners and administrators. One of the standout features is the ease with which we can create and customize courses. The robust course creation tools allow us to incorporate various multimedia elements, ensuring engaging and interactive learning content.

What truly sets Saba LMS apart is its advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. The detailed insights provided have enabled us to track learner progress, identify areas for improvement, and fine-tune our training strategies for optimal results. The flexibility of the platform also shines through in its ability to cater to different types of training needs, whether it’s compliance training, skills enhancement, or employee onboarding.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are fostered through features like discussion forums and social learning, creating a sense of community even in a digital environment. The platform’s mobile compatibility further enhances accessibility, allowing our workforce to learn on the go. However, the true testament to Saba LMS’s effectiveness lies in the noticeable improvement in our employees’ skills and performance since its implementation.

While the Saba Software LMS solution is ful-featureed, there is room for minor improvements in terms of interface personalization, ease of setup, ease of administration and configuration.

In summary, Saba Software LMS has revolutionized our learning initiatives. It’s a comprehensive, user-friendly, and adaptable solution that has empowered us to elevate our workforce’s capabilities, making it an invaluable asset for any organization committed to effective training and development.

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