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The Crowd Wisdom LMS by Community Brands is a pure extended enterprise LMS and is extremely cool.  They have left employee learning management behind with the other 599 LMS vendors and they focus on measurable learning technology solutions for extended enterprise audiences.

100% of research, development and associated professional services are dedicated to providing one of the world’s best solutions for channelcustomerassociations and training providers.

Crowd Wisdom is designed with the tools to attract voluntary learners, build a community of learners and facilitate training business growth.  The learner interface looks great and is as “non-LMS-sy” as any I have seen in my 88 reviews.  It is clean, easy-to-use with no hint of HR-speak for users to get confused by.

This LMS is mobile responsive, meaning that it can be accessed effectively on any device or computer browser from any corner of the world in 17 languages.  Crowd Wisdom has strong ecommerce features to support the selling of content to both individuals and organizations.

Social learning is germane to the Crowd Wisdom LMS strategy and they incorporate social features like forums, popular content, discussion groups, content recommendations, polling and surveys into all aspects of the application from LMS interface, MOOC content or any content assembled in the LMS.

Also, the user profile is the best I’ve seen yet in an LMS.  Users can edit and choose to share – piece by piece – their contact info, email accounts, blogs, social handles, tags they are interested in, about me write-ups, pictures and more.  All of which can be used administratively to group users, provide targeted recommendations, offer promotions, solicit and curate content.  It’s great for learners to network and truly find like-minded support, friends and help.

An extended enterprise specific feature that I like in Crowd Wisdom is “access codes.”  Access codes are keys that an administrator can create and distribute to any population of unknown users.  For example, an organization might sell 100 “seats” of an online course to one of their member organizations.  The buying organization can then print up cards with the access code to distribute freely to 100 qualified prospects they meet at a tradeshow.

After the show, when the learner goes to the website LMS and puts in the code, they are automatically prompted for profile information and directed to the content purchased for them.  There are a lot of different promotional ways to leverage access codes to build your customer base.

Another feature in Crowd Wisdom that is rarely seen in a corporate LMS is overt support for MOOCs – massive, open, online courses.  Think of MOOCs as a living class delivered over a period of time that includes recorded and live lectures, discussion, learner activities, reading assignment assessments, polling, sharing and certification.  Originating in academia, MOOCs have entered the extended enterprise market as a core prospect attraction tool.  Get users hooked on your free content and they will turn into paying customers over time.

Unlike most cloud-based LMS solutions and unlike all employee LMS solutions, Community Brands provides a wealth of professional service consulting help to facilitate success with a training business.  In addition to traditional software implementation and training services, Community Brands services include strategy and course design to help you attract users, grow sales and expand globally.

My Assessment:  If your organization is serious about training as a business, using extended enterprise learning technology as a competitive differentiator and developing ever-growing content revenue stream, you should seriously evaluate the Crowd Wisdom LMS by Community Brands.


Community Brands Corporate Profile

Company Name:  (formerly Digital Ignite, a subsidiary of Your Membership)

LMS Name: Crowd Wisdom

Website: https://www.communitybrands.com/crowd-wisdom

Social Sites:  

Contact Information: ConnectwithCB@communitybrands.com

Crowd Wisdom Feature Tour: https://www.yourmembership.com/products/learning-management-system/features/

Crowd Wisdom LMS Data Sheet: https://go.communitybrands.com/rs/402-UVF-672/images/InfoSheet-CB-Associations-CrowdWisdom.pdf

Internal Employee Ready:  Yes!

Extended Enterprise Ready:  Most definitely.

Types of Extended Enterprise Expertise Learning Supported:

  • Associations
  • Continuing education
  • Channel and customer
  • Training providers

Competitive Differentiation:

  • Serious solution for serious extended enterprise business initiatives
  • Deep extended enterprise expertise and guidance provided to every LMS client  (not your typical cloud LMS provider)
  • Global experience, support and scalability
  • 99.99% uptime and available SLA for high-performance requirements
  • Modern, social, mobile, easy to use solution
  • Focused on providing the tools to attract learners and measure program effectiveness

Top Industries Served: 

  • Associations
  • Continuing education and training providers
  • Software and technology
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Publishers


Crowd Wisdom LMS Extended Enterprise Vitals

The features required to support extended enterprise learning are incremental to an employee LMS and include:

Content Support:

Deep content support making it easy for administrators to manage just about any type of asset and combine in packages or programs of study.

  • Web launch
  • AICC
  • QTI
  • MOOC
  • Test
  • Book
  • Package
  • Event
  • Publication
  • Multimedia
  • Webinar (Adobe, WebEx, Goto Meeting)
  • Document
  • Classroom
  • 3rd party content libraries
  • Ability to easily add new types of learning to support anything

Continuing and Professional Education:

Digital Ignite’s Crowd Wisdom is a powerful CE LMS with the ability to:

  • Track unlimited types of CE
  • Support of recording and management of external CE activities
  • Pre/post-test analysis and peer comparisons (psychometric)
  • Automatic credit reporting to accreditation bodies
  • Surveys and evaluations
  • Assign certificates for achievement, inserting CE/CME units, unique ID and learner info
  • Career paths
  • Competency groupings

Role Management:

  • There is a broad set of default predefined roles including admin, author, super author, catalog, email, delegated admin, instructor, learner, report, staff and survey manager
  • Custom roles can easily be created by modifying view, edit and see permissions on any of the above

User Experience: 

  • Totally integrated user interface that uniquely combines social, formal, informal and experiential learning into the main landing page
  • Customize Crowd Wisdom™ to blend with customer brand and web experience using our advanced CSS/HTML support capabilities
  • Clean, modern, easy to use
  • Widget based — Required Learning, Polls, Social, Recommended Content and many more to configure per audience
  • Section 508c interfaces available

Social Learning: 

With the name of Crowd Wisdom™, you would expect to see some good social features and you do including:

  • User profiles, posting and sharing
  • Connect with other users
  • News feeds
  • Discussion groups that have users, polls, surveys, posting and notifications
  • Content curation via providing most viewed and most like content lists for users
  • Tag assets
  • Social forums, discussion and surveys integrated in MOOCs and any content assembled in Crowd Wisdom


  • Mobile responsive and works on any smartphone, tablet or desktop through a web browser
  • No iOS or Android downloadable apps


  • None

Notification Management:

Keeping in contact with your users continually providing value with your growing audience is key.  Digital Ignite has highly configurable email templates including ecommerce, social notifications and core administrative notifications.


eCommerce is a major strength of the Digital Ignite platform.  Designed with the sale of content in mind, there are a ton of features to support selling content to organizations or directly to individuals.  Many marketing features are also integrated.

  • Bulk purchase
  • Access codes
  • Shopping carts, secure checkouts
  • Promotions
  • Organization pricing, variable pricing
  • Subscription (timed access) to content
  • Recommend and pushed content
  • Featured content, ad support
  • AMS checkout
  • Paypal and integration with many other ecommerce gateways
  • Comments and ranking of content

Virtual Classroom Support:

Out-of-box integration with:

  • Adobe Connect
  • WebEx
  • Goto Meeting


  • Open 2-way RESTful APIs
  • SAML Single Sign-On
  • Batch data feeds
  • Accreditation bodies
  • Association Management Systems (AMS)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • xAPI coming in 2015

Reporting and Analytics:

  • Real-time
  • Google analytic type reports for assessments, surveys, usage, grades, community activity, access and coupon code use
  • Custom client dashboards
  • Pre/post-test analysis and peer comparisons
  • Automatic credit reporting to accreditation bodies

Domain Management:  

  • Multi-tier organizational structure and custom field options, provides control of your different user populations and what they can see and do
  • Content management, security and reporting segmentation
  • Organizational access codes for extended enterprise applications


Digital Ignite supports a host of localization features and also has many multilingual professionals that specialize in global extended enterprise deployments.

  • Support for 17 language locations including Thai, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Indonesian
  • Ability to upload additional localizations
  • Achieved 99.99% uptime over global hosting infrastructure over last 7 years

Thanks for reading!

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