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LMS Review Cornerstone on Demand

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All vendors and former vendors know Cornerstone OnDemand. Winning 100+ deals a quarter, they make every competing vendor shake and quake.  They have feet on the street everywhere. They have solutions for every industry, every language, every company size and every business problem.  Actually, vendors, you all should just go home and stop playing.  Cornerstone, you win.

I joke…but only a little.

For all of you non-vendors, Cornerstone OnDemand is a leading global provider of a comprehensive learning and talent management solution delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The talent management solution consists of recruiting, learning, performance, social, compensation and succession modules.  Cornerstone currently empowers over 14 million users across 191 countries and in 41 languages.

They are one of the only talent providers, if not the only,  that has never taken their eye off the extended enterprise LMS market.

Having lost so many times to Cornerstone over the years, I thought it was only fair that I spend double the time on this review, find some holes and restore some modicum of competition to the industry.  What I found, was a great extended enterprise LMS and company I remembered competing against.  

Cornerstone supports extended enterprise initiatives with deep social, certification, reporting, ecommerce, globalization and audience management features.   It’s easy to deploy, use and maintain.  They are the first company we reviewed that provide solutions for all five types of extended enterprise including corporate, association, ecommerce, academic and public sector solutions.  There is a lot of resources, case studies and videos cataloged below on their extended enterprise successes.

In terms of gaps, probably the biggest I noted is that they don’t have gamification functionality which is a really wanted extended enterprise feature set.  The mobile applications also needs to be built out to equal other systems I’ve reviewed.

My Assessment —  They have earned the right to be included in just about any extended enterprise or talent management opportunity anywhere in the world.  My biggest concern with Cornerstone would be just getting lost in the crowd with so many new customers.


Cornerstone OnDemand Extended Enterprise Vitals

LMS Name:  Cornerstone Learning Cloud


Twitter: @CornerstoneInc

Contact Information:

Extended Enterprise Ready:  Yes

Types of Extended Enterprise Expertise Learning Supported:

  • Channel
  • Customer
  • eCommerce
  • Association
  • Volunteers


  • Integrated talent suite build organically is arguably best in the world
  • Very easy and defined path to expand your Cornerstone solution to the channel
  • Modern, mobile, social, powerful and easy to use

Licensing and Certification Features:

  • Sophisticated tiered certification and recertification
  • Custom certification
  • Forms management
  • Compliance management
  • Standard and custom reports
  • Management dashboard views
  • Show certification status by partner type

Adaptive Learning Features:

  • Controlled access to catalog and content

eCommerce Features: 

  • Anonymous course browsing
  • Self registration
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment processing
  • Transaction management
  • Tiered training catalogs (fee vs. free)
  • Purchase any type of training

Social Collaboration Features: 

  • Universal profile for each learner including photos, skills, resume and profile information
  • Activity streams for people, places and projects
  • Groups, communities and forums
  • Engagements and connections
  • Blogs and & social content
  • Product innovation communities
  • Rate and share ideas across audiences

Mobile Features:  

  • Mobile app for smartphones and tablets
  • Deliver mobile enabled eLearning, transcripts, social networks and OJT
  • Disconnected learning with sync to LMS

Gamification Features:  None found.

Globalization Features: 

  • 41 language localizations
  • Offices in Santa Monica, Auckland, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Munich, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Tokyo.


  • 100% Cloud LMS delivered only as a software as a service (SaaS)


  • Open architecture
  • Integrate Cornerstone with billing systems, compensation management systems, customer resource management databases, sales tracking systems and customer service database


  • Over 100 standard reports
  • Custom report creation tool using any field and filter
  • Scheduled reports
  • Print and export to multiple data formats
  • Personalized dashboards

Links to Case Studies on Extended Enterprise Learning:

  • American Bankers Association:  Using Cornerstone, ABA delivers 150,000 courses per month to learners in 3400 member banks
  • DocuSign testimonial video on how they use Cornerstone to train tens of thousands of clients of their solutions
  • Pearson video highlighting their director of learning technology speaking about the extended enterprise initiative with Cornerstone On Demand
  • MetroPCS video showing how Cornerstone is helping MetroPCS drive sales by educating their 5000+ independent authorized dealer locations

Position Papers or Videos on Extended Enterprise Learning: 

Links to Online Demos of LMS:

Extended Enterprise In the News –2014: None Found

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