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LMS and Roadmap Deep Dive Audit

Talented Learning LMS Audit


LMS competition is fierce and numerous.  Many LMS vendors have incomplete or inaccurate perceptions of their place in the market and the uniqueness of their differentiators.  Time is precious and there are hundreds of LMS vendors and countless opportunity directions to study.  It is tough to get more than a small window of insight into what the broader market or competition is doing and where exactly you fit in.  Making strategic choices and investment under these conditions is risky.

The objective of the deep dive package is to help you mitigate that risk.  We will invest the time to study and learn about your company and LMS at a deep and detailed business, product and technical level, and then provide strategic and actionable market insights and analysis that is unavailable elsewhere.

Deep Dive Activities

Review any existing formal functional, technical, sales and marketing documentation

Up to 4 hours of presentations highlighting:

  • Solution and market vision
  • The state of marketplace and competitive landscape
  • Product and technical overviews
  • Industries and regions served now and in future
  • Unique differentiation
  • Functional and technical demonstrations from admin and front end
  • Roadmap review

Upon completion of the above presentation, we will take an unrestricted test drive of your core and mobile solutions from both an admin and end user perspective.


We will provide a profession written analysis including:

  • Strengths, weaknesses and analysis of your product and solution
  • Competitive functionality comparison based on business functions and industry targeting of your solution
  • Analysis of your place in the market, the uniqueness of your unique differentiation, product roadmap
  • Suggestions for future product enhancements –both minor and major
  • Analysis of market opportunity next steps for you in terms of industry and business usage
  • Up to 2 hours of verbal debrief and discussion on written analysis


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