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Case Study Development and Media Placement

Talented Learning Case Study Development


At Talented Learning, we love LMS vendor case studies.  Although the industry has thousands of employee and talent management case studies, there is a dearth of extended enterprise focused case studies.  We are here to change that.  All you have to do is supply willing clients and we will do the rest!


Case Study Development

The approximately 1,000-word case study highlights a customer success story. Talented Learning would interview the vendor and customer by phone for approximately 30-45 minutes to collect the facts and key messages about the situation. Talented Learning would then deliver a draft for editing or approval. The case study provides background on the customer’s situation as well as the challenges, solution(s) and results. The case study provides the vendor with proof points about its technology and service from the customer’s perspective, much like a reference call albeit in the form of a quick-hitting report. The vendor’s sales and marketing team can use the case study for lead-generation via LinkedIn and email marketing, content for its website and sales collateral.


Media Placement

With an approved customer case study, Talented Learning can pitch the story to trade publications or blogs that cover the vendor’s target industries (e.g., financial services, utilities, transportation, etc.). A case study published in a magazine or well-read blog, brings third-party credibility for the vendor’s work. Publishing a case study also puts the story in front of tens of thousands of additional print and online readers who may be looking for a similar solution. For example, a case study featuring the way a vendor helped its customer in the utility industry improve training and development could show up in Electric Light & Power magazine. Once in print or online, the case study becomes an article occupying 1/2- to one-page of text. In some cases, the magazines will link back to the vendor’s website from the article, which helps marketers with their SEO.


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Case Study Development

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